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by Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller


Thank you for taking action with BlogPac! A confirmation and thank you email will be sent shortly. With the stakes this high, nothing can be taken for granted, and every action helps.

Also, plese consider making a donation to BlogPac. From Donna Edwards winning her primary challenge, to holding Bush Dogs accountable, to building new progressive infrastructure, to funding local blogs in all 50 states, to keeping Democratic debates off Fox News, to Use it or Lose It and Googlebomb the Elections, BlogPac wages progressive politics online and wins.

Every additional cent we raise is going to fund local blogs and progressive campaigns to help us continue to undermine the right and build our own capacity to effect change. You're going to be asked by a lot of politicians for money this cycle, but I can assure you that in terms of leveraging real change, this is a very good deal.