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by Mike Stark


We need people to come together and support the candidates and causes that strengthen our democracy. Your support is vital to our success -- take this opportunity and donate today.

ActBlue provides a unique way for you to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.


I believe activists that make a difference deserve support. That's why I've taken on the role of Director of Activism for BlogPac - because I've thought a long time about ways of incentivising activism and this job provides me with an opportunity to do exactly that.

Like so much else in politics, however, I can't do it alone. In fact, I depend on your support. You provide the dollars that sustain this effort. So I'm asking you... if you believe politicians should be asked hard questions... if you believe it's important for people to spend time organizing people in their communities to protest the war... if you think independent reporting is valuable... in short, if you want to sustain the momentum and grow the activist movement within the netroots... Well, please subscribe today. $5, $10, $25 a month - whatever you can do... In the end, it'll be put to good use. I promise.