Contribute Now to Blogger Money Bomb for Marriage

by Bloggers for Washington United

Join your favorite blogs and the blogger community to help raise as much money as possible to show our support for marriage equality in Washington State.

As you may know, Washington State passed a marriage bill through the legislature earlier this year. Anti-gay forces like NOM and Focus on the Family paid signature gatherers to collect just enough signatures to likely qualify Referendum 74 for the ballot in Washington State this November.

Now NOM's seemingly bottomless pot of money from unknown sources threatens Washington's marriage bill. Please contribute today to Washington United for Marriage so they can wage a campaign to approve Referendum 74 to preserve the marriage bill.

$5, $15, $30, $50, $74, $100 or whatever you can afford is welcome. Every little bit helps.

Please give today to preserve marriage equality in Washington, then share this with your friends.

Washington United for Marriage