Contribute Now to TAke Back the House

by Michael Ranniger (Ranniger Group)



As all of us have seen and heard, the demand for change in country is growing greater with each passing day. The tide is turning against the right-wing Republicans and their agenda, but now is not the time to rest. We need 15 seats in the House to take back the majority. 15 seats to take our country back, and to get it headed in the right direction again.

I'm writing because I've found the candidate who is going to win that 15th seat to seal a majority for the Democrats. Patrick Murphy, an Iraq war vet, and former professor at West Point is running Pennsylvania's 8th District. He's running against freshman Republican, and Santorum clone, Mike Fitzpatrick... in a district Kerry won in 2004.

Patrick will prove to be a strong ally on the issue that matters most to me as well. Patrick spoke earlier this year at the National Stonewall Conference, and be an advocate for equal rights for all Americans once elected.

But he needs our help. Patrick has the momentum, he's outraised his opponent each of the last two quarters, and he's risen in the polls. He trails by only 6 points right now, and he's known by only half the number of people his opponent is. I will be supporting Patrick, and I am asking you to do the same. Please donate whatever you can via my ActBlue page.

With Pride Michael Ranniger former Minnesota Stonewall DFL Board Member

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