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The Blue America PAC was founded in time for the 2006 midterm elections, in which a host of progressive candidates were elected, including many candidates we backed. Our top pick in 2006, Donna Edwards, was defeated but went on to win in 2008, and was reelected in 2010. Many of our candidates from 2006 and 2008 were defeated for reelection in the tsunami of 2010 when voters told Democrats to get their act together and differentiate themselves from Republicans by standing up for working families. The voters helped them along that path by defeating more than two dozen conservative Blue Dogs, over half of their aisle-crossing caucus. Unfortunately excellent Blue America-backed incumbents like Alan Grayson, Carol Shea-Porter, John Hall, Mark Schauer and Mary Jo Kilroy were swept up in the wave.

In this cycle we'll be using what we've learned since 2006 to help more progressives to overcome the massive financial advantage corporately backed conservatives always have over candidates who fight for ordinary families instead of special interests.

The beginning of the process is to help recruit solid progressives in a slew of races where Republicans narrowly managed to get into office in the midst of a national discontent that wasn't kind to Democratic incumbents. You'll be able to keep abreast of developments along these lines at the three blogs that work together to keep this PAC going, Crooks and Liars, Digby's Hullabaloo and DownWithTyranny.

Blue America doesn't work in safe districts where our help isn't needed. We look for tough races where a little encouragement, some financial help and some advice could go a long way, especially with candidates unlikely to get much help from the DCCC or the DSCC.

Image of Blue America PAC

Blue America PAC

The money that is donated to the PAC is money that we use to run independent expenditure campaigns-- usually advertising-- in favor of the candidates we back and against their reactionary opponents.

Image of Jay Chen

Jay Chen


Redistricting has put notorious Wall Street lapdog and teabbagger-- what a combo!-- Ed Royce in a precarious position, and progressive Democrat Jay Chen is incredibly positioned to give him a final push into well-earned obscurity. While Royce used to represent the deepest, reddest portions of Orange County, his district has now shifted north to span Democratic L.A. County and San Bernardino. Only 30% of his old district is in the new one, and the district has become majority minority, with 60% of the population being Asian and Latino.

Image of David Gill

David Gill


A single payer advocate and staunch movement progressive, Dr. David Gill beat back a corporate conservative in the Illinois primary and is now facing Republican Tim Johnson in a seat that has been redrawn to make it a true swing district. Dr. Gill is an independent-minded populist who will shake things up inside the DC Democratic caucus.

Image of Alan Grayson (Congress)

Alan Grayson (Congress)


He was the best and most courageous Member of Congress when he was a Member. He'll be even better in the next session! Alan's 10 top priorities when he's back in Congress: (1) Full employment. (2) Universal healthcare. (3) Taking corporate money out of politics and government. (4) Reinstituting progressive taxation, to reduce the deficit and the debt. (5) Ending corporate welfare. (6) Improving labor standards, including pensions, sick leave and paid vacations. (7) Ending discrimination against minorities, women and gays. (8) Providing higher education to every student who wants it. (9) Ending the war, bringing the troops home, and reining in the military-industrial complex. (10) Reducing the brutal and pervasive inequality in American life.

Image of Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever


Finally... a North Carolina progressive is taking on execrable little Patrick McHenry. As an activist and state Rep, Patsy has been a shining light for working families in western North Carolina. Patsy already won her primary against a conservative Blue Dog type that the DCCC recruited and now she's be in a good position to send McHenry into retirement.

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


Longtime progressive activist, Annie came close to beating corporate rubber stamp Republican Charlie Bass in 2010. This year she should complete the task.

Image of Alan Lowenthal

Alan Lowenthal


Blue America has never endorsed a candidate so late in the cycle, but Alan is such an embodiment of progressive values and principles-- with a record in the state legislature to back it up-- that we decided to make an exception.

Image of Joe Miklosi

Joe Miklosi


Joe, who's running against one of Congress' most deranged extremists, told us "I have spent the last decade fighting to promote progressive values in Colorado. We’ve stood steadfast with those who are squeezed between Wall Street elites and an unresponsive government bureaucracy. Our dedication to individual empowerment and our commitment to fairness is reflected in a bluer Colorado."

Image of Beto O'Rourke

Beto O'Rourke


Image of E Wayne Powell

E Wayne Powell


Wayne has spent his life in the real world, serving in the Army and running a small business. Eric Cantor is the epitome of what's wrong with Washington. He’s a career politician, a partisan operator who is the poster child for the obstructionism that is ruining our country today. Wayne is running to reform Congress, to make sure every American has opportunity. "Congress is broken,"he told us, "and I'm running to fix it and end Congressman Cantor's culture of corruption."

And maybe one day the DCCC will get on board too.

Image of Lee Rogers

Lee Rogers


You'd be hard-pressed to find a more corrupt Member of Congress anywhere than Buck McKeon. And you'd be just as hard pressed to find a more together, harder working challenger than Dr. Lee Rogers.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Like Alan Grayson, Carol, got swept up in the Tea Party tidal wave in 2010. New Hampshire voters have seen what that's resulted in and have reconsidered. We think Carol, a lifelong grassroots activist and dedicated progressive, will regain her old seat... with a little help from like-minded progressives.

Image of Nate Shinagawa

Nate Shinagawa


Nate's compelling personal story is quintessentially the All American story-- like every last one of us, his antecedents had come to America, struggled, persevered and quickly begun to love and cherish their new homeland and the opporunities it offered. His Japanese ancestors were interred in concentration camps while his grandfather joined the U.S. Marine Corps to fight for the country that was the only home they had ever known. That story helped to define how Nate saw himself as he grew into the best America has to offer itself. This week he is the latest candidate endorsed by Blue America, the third energetic progressive we have endorsed who has gone through the training of People For the American Way's Young Elected Officials network (YEOs). Nate's story led him to explain his campaign to me as one "about being brave and fighting for a government that provides for its senior citizens, creates opportunities for its young people, and protects the pristine lands and waters of this great country." More on Nate, in his own words, here.

Image of Aryanna Strader

Aryanna Strader


Progressives have been hoping to get rid of right-wing barnacle, religious fanatic and anti-Choice extremist Joe Pitts for a very long time-- and especially after he reneged on a pledge (and a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition) in 2002 to not serve in office more than 10 years. Hard to do when the Democratic Party didn't bother running a candidate against him that year. Lois Herr, without any real support from the DC Dems, took him on in 2004, 2006 and 2010. This year Lois is backing Aryanna Strader, a 29 year old army vet, a mother of two and a bona fide, passionate 99% Movement progressive. Republicans in the state legislature were unkind to Pitts when it came to redistricting this year. They took away rural, conservative deep red parts of Lancaster County and added in Reading and Coatesville, which are Democratic. Obama lost the 16th to McCain 48-51%. But under the new lines, he would have won it.

Image of Syed Taj

Syed Taj


With the open seat, Dr. Taj has a more than favorable chance to win. His opponent is Kerry Bentivolio, reindeer rancher, failed business owner and part-time actor who has never held elected office. He has strong ties to libertarian financiers and Tea Party activists but has been ostracized by the Republican Party establishment. Dr. Taj likes his chances and knows that, with the right help, Democrats can take back a district once designed to be a Republican stronghold. “I’m running to bring sanity and reason back to our political process. As a physician and small business owner, I know how the medical and financial sides of our health care system actually work. This experience has taught me how to treat the symptoms of a problem and when to treat the actual problem. My number one priority in Congress is to protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as we know it because these are public trusts, not merely entitlements. We need proactive leadership in Congress, not more of the same obstructionism that’s left faith in public institutions at historic lows.”

Sue Thorn


Sue Thorn isn't thinking much about the DC political establishment. She's an independent-minded FDR type Democrat and she's running for office to serve the needs of the residents of northern West Virginia, not the corrupt political class in Washington... not of either party. "West Virginians have grown frustrated by partisan politics and corruption in Washington, and they’re hungry for a representative that truly represents us as working people. As I travel the state, every day I speak to residents who say we need to elect a populist, someone who will fight for the middle class, not someone in the pockets of the 1% and of the wealthy coal barons that influence our state. I’ve amassed an army of volunteers, eager to see a real Democrat stand up for poor and middle-class West Virginians."

Image of Rob Zerban

Rob Zerban


Rob is a Kenosha County Supervisor who is taking on the brave task of challenging Wall Street's #1 priority candidate-- Paul Ryan. Yes, THAT Ryan, the one fronting the GOP plan to kill Medicare-- the Ayn Rand freak who poses the biggest danger of any Republican in Congress to the future of our country. Please check out the lively discussion we had with Rob at Crooks and Liars on February 14.

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