Contribute Now to Blue Brick Road To 65

by Change Agent M

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We need to get to 60+, this is the home stretch. Let's give these guys and gals the final push.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


Fighting Saxby Chambliss who beat Vietnam Vet and triple amputee Max Cleeland by morphing him into Osama Bin Laden. In a run-off.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Still counting absentee ballots, and less than 400 votes behind as they continue to be counted. Heading for a recount.

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


Fighting Corrupt Ted Stevens. Ted 'The internet is just a series of tubes' Stevens is part of the unbelievably corrupt Alaska political scene, so let's send him packing. Stevens is somehow 3000 votes ahead, but with a ton of absentee ballots to be counted, will probably go into a recount after all the ballots are counted.

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