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by Chris Bowers


In 2006, Democrats do not just need to win a narrow majority based largely on conservative districts. A majority like that has the potential to disappear every two years unless Democrats in red districts sell out our core values to the right-wing. Instead, it is important to win in a way that will contribute to long-lasting Democratic and progressive governing power. The Blue District Strategy is the way to do that.

These candidates are all from Republican-held districts that John Kerry won by at least 4%. Once Democrats win any of these seats, it will be very difficult for Republicans to dislodge them. Making a difference in these districts means that you have made a difference in campaigns 2, 4 or even 20 years from now. Further, the Democrats who occupy these seats should vote with progressives on almost everything.

There are other blue districts currently held by Republicans not on this list, but those campaigns are either almost certain Democratic victories, or difficult-to-win Democratic longshots. As the most competitive blue districts held by Republicans, these are the districts where our resources can make the most difference in the final weeks of the campaign, bar none.

Image of Diane Farrell

Diane Farrell


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Christopher Murphy


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Ron Klein


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Dan Seals


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David Loebsack


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John Yarmuth


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Paul Hodes


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Patricia Madrid


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Dan Maffei


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Lois Murphy


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Joseph Sestak Jr


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Patrick Murphy


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Darcy Burner


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