Contribute Now to Blue Dog Republicans

by Mike in Nebraska


Are you a Republican with a brain? Have you had enough of our party being taken over by racist idiots who are completely incapable of understanding, much less discussing, critical issues like health care and immigration reform? Do you want the Republican Party to be controlled by people who bring guns to healthcare town hall forums or who's only concern is obsessing on a belief that President Obama wasn't born in the US?

STOP THE DUMBING DOWN OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND SEND A MESSAGE TO ITS LEADERSHIP!! That message is; Get the racist idiots and the agenda's to which they obsess out of the Republican Party, or we will actively support Blue Dog Democrats Instead. Joe Wilson is a racist idiot. And the people of his kind who are currently setting the agenda for the Republican Party are both destroying it and causing their screwed up mentality to be painted onto all Republicans. This is a way to stop it.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller