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by Nancy Skinner


Blue Dog - Helping Blue Dogs to "Go Public"!

Blue Dog is supporting PCCC because Blue Dog Democrats are Democrats, not Republicans. We are encouraging them to do what's right and we'll have their back, so they don't need to worry about the campaign contributions of special interests. On healthcare, if they are truly fiscally conservative, then "doing what's right" means supporting a robust public option, with no triggers or opt-outs. Non-collusive competition is the only way to bend the cost curve on healthcare costs and mitigate exploding long-term budget deficits.

We want them to "reverse the trigger" on the public option. Enact the robust public option and if does turn into the surreal scenarios used by its detractors, then a "reverse trigger" will allow private insurers to bid for the pool of those who joined the public option if they can deliver better quality and affordability. When they use this tactic to give tax cuts to the wealthy, they call it a "sunset clause." Those Bush tax cuts account for 46% of our national deficits from 2002-2011. The public option will reduce long-term deficits as one in six dollars is now spent on healthcare and that will soon be one in three if we do nothing.

Since Blue Dogs consider themselves fiscally responsible, then enacting a robust public option is the only right thing to do. Blue Dog Hunt's goal is to help them do what's right and get re-elected for doing it!

Please visit and sign up. Our next campaign is the clean energy legislation and we need to Help Blue Dog's “Go Green"!

Because a 60 vote margin is a terrible thing to waste.