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We may have re-taken Congress, but our work is by no means done - in fact, this is just the beginning. Now, we need to support and strengthen our caucus. This page will feature candidates selected by DailyKos, OpenLeft, and the Swing State Project whose presence in Congress will make our party stronger.

Image of Leslie L. Byrne

Leslie L. Byrne


Byrne is fighting in a June primary against pro-corporate Democrat Gerry Connolly in a district turning sharply blue in northern Virginia. The Republican, Tom Davis, retired, and it's looking like a Democratic pickup. The fight is in the primary, where we can make a big difference because of lower turnout.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia


Republicans have three Latino federal legislators left in their entire ranks, and all three our south-Florida Cuban Americans facing the toughest challenges of their long careers. Joe Garica is a former president of the Cuban American National Foundation, promising a serious and potentially top-tier contest in what was once considered an impregnable GOP stronghold.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


Image of Gary Trauner

Gary Trauner


In deep red Wyoming, Trauner stands up for the Constitution. He nearly beat Republican Barbara Cubin in 2006, and forced her into retirement. He's now gearing up to take the seat, while speaking out strongly on core Constitutional principles like the rule of law and illegal wiretapping by private phone companies. No matter what the pundits say, the Bill of Rights is popular everywhere in the country, with the possible exception of DC.

Image of Eric Massa

Eric Massa


Eric Massa is a fighting Democrat in every sense of the word. As a grassroots and netroots favorite, he beat back a primary challenge from a corporate Democrat with relentless, on the ground organizing. As a progressive, he will fight for you, pledging to oppose FISA and watered-down withdrawal from Iraq, something few Democrats from a district this "red" have done. As a candidate, he is not backing down from a narrow defeat at the hands of Shotgun Randy Kuhl, and is charging hard in his 2008 rematch. As a veteran, he knows what war is like, and will work to end neocon dominance over our foreign policy in Washington. Eric is the sort of fighter we need more of in the Democratic Party.

Follow the campaign at Rochester Turning and The Albany Project.

Image of Dan Seals

Dan Seals


Dan Seals is running in this very blue district for the second time. He had a heartbreakingly close loss in 2006, and he's facing Mark Kirk once again. Kirk, who has put forward a 'bipartisan' plan to keep troops in Iraq indefinitely along with Bush Dog Democrat Dan Lipinski, is part of a dwindling number of Republicans that claim to be moderate but actually aren't. The race is covered by Archpundit.

Image of Dan Maffei

Dan Maffei


Dan Maffei turned an uncontested district in 2004 into one of the closest elections in the country in 2006, losing by only 1%. This time around, Dan starts with higher name recognition, while Republican incumbent Jim Walsh doesn't have hundreds of thousands saved up from nearly a decade of weak challengers (or even none at all). Dan is a true blue, solid progressive who can hold this Democratic district for a long time to come.

After years of supporting the war, now Walsh is banking on weak, compromise bills in Congress to try and blur the Iraq issue. As such, supporting Dan means fighting not only for a progressive to replace a Republican, but against Democratic Bush Dogs who propose such bills.

Follow the campaign at The Walsh Watch and Rochester Turning.

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Brown is running in CA-04, a rural and very red district, against corrupt Republican John Doolittle. A first-time candidate in 2004, Brown narrowly lost 46-49, using a grassroots approach far from the DC machine. This time, he's going to pull those final votes he needs to go over the top. In 2006, Jerry McNerney ran a strong race and defeated right-wing reactionary Richard Pombo, with help from the California netroots and grassroots. This cycle, California progressives are making Doolittle a prime target.

Read more about this on Calitics.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Netroots hero Darcy Burner came within inches of winning in 2006, and we're ready to help her close the deal in 2008. A real fixture in both the state and national netroots, a passionate advocate for a strong and unapologetic Democratic Party, Darcy is campaigning on bringing our troops home safely to their families and protecting our Constitution against those who would prefer to shred it.

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Al Franken is the epitome of a people-powered, progressive movement candidate, and is running against reliable George Bush ally Norm Coleman. Al comes into politics as an outsider from progressive media. He self-identifies as a progressive, and will take the fight to Republicans at every turn. He has built a huge small donor base in every county in Minnesota, and every state in the country. He is also an extremely serious candidate, and polls have already shown him very close to Norm Coleman. Coming from within the progressive, people-powered movement, Al is a Democrat who will never let us down.

Read more about the Minnesota Senate race at Minnesota Campaign Report.

Image of Rick Noriega

Rick Noriega


Republican Sen. John Cornyn is now the least-popular Senator in the country, as his record of ineffectiveness and blind support for the Bush agenda clashes with a Texas electorate increasingly unhappy with Republican rule.

People-powered Fighting Dem Rick Noriega will give Cornyn the fight of his life.

Follow the campaign at Burnt Orange Report.


Democrats need a killer instinct. That's what Blogpac is for. We support people like Lane Hudson, who put Mark Foley's emails on the web in 2006 and is going after Fred Thompson for FEC violations. We support local activist bloggers like Juan Melli, who creates innovative campaigns to get marriage equality in New Jersey. And we support state-based blogs all over the country that support Democrats when they do good, and criticize Democrats when they act dumb. And we support political entrepreneurs that create online mapping tools and innovate to help grassroots people-powered Democrats take power.

There's really nothing else like Blogpac. We're doing what the party should, but won't. Support us. It's the highest leverage money you can spend in politics. For more information, see

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


Bill Foster is running against wingnut weirdo Jim Oberweis in Illinois's 14th district, the seat formerly held by Speaker Dennis Hastert. A proud Democrat in a red district, Foster is running as a scientist, businessman, and Democrat, and squarely on the issues of Iraq and our civil liberties.

Image of Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards


Donna Edwards beat corporate Democrat Al Wynn in the primary on February 12, 2007, by a 25 point margin (60-35). Wynn was one of the main opponents of net neutrality and worked to pass the Bankruptcy Bill and the elimination of the estate tax. MD-04 is a 77% performing Democratic district, so she's going to take the seat. Congrats, Blue Majority!

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