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by Simon


Politicians usually raise money by soliciting large infusions of campaign cash from small groups of affluent, powerful people. People Power is predicated on the notion that if our leaders rely on a million $10 donations rather than 10 contributions of $1 million, they might actually look out for their constituents. Nutty? Perhaps. But it's worth a try. So please pitch in and let's see what we can do this November. And please check back in to monitor our progress and see which new candidates have been added.


Help PFAW register 200,000 new voters before election day

NARAL's No on 85 page — protect young girls from repressive anti-choice laws

Help EMILY's List mobilize women voters

Northern California volunteers needed for Jerry McNerney (see below for info about Jerry's House run).

Join the fight against fundamentalist perversion of education in Ohio. Stand up for science and against superstition and religious propaganda!

Sign a petition demanding the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

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Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Ned Lamont is the poster child for people-powered politics. He launched a primary challenge against entrenched, deeply compromised Sen. Joe Lieberman (Dubya's favorite Democrat), attacking not only Joe's unwarranted support for the war in Iraq but also his spaniel-like fealty to the unchecked, lawless, arrogant Bush administration overall. He won the party's nomination and support, and must next fight his way to the Senate against a now "independent" Lieberman -- who abandoned his party to preserve his tenuous grip on power. There's no serious challenge from the Republican candidate; only Lieberman himself threatens the Democrats' hold on his old seat. Let's help Ned finish him off. He'll make a spectacular, progressive Senator, and you can help send him to DC. Check out Ned's stunning new TV ad here.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


A committed advocate for education, Missouri's Claire McCaskill is up against a truly reactionary opponent: the inaptly named incumbent Jim Talent, whose voting record on virtually everything will cause anyone with a conscience to cringe. Claire is one of several reasons we can vastly increase the presence of women AND progressives in the Senate. But she's fighting an uphill battle in her conservative state. Let's help provide her the big Mo.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


How do you turn a red state blue? With candidates like Tester, a plain-spoken moderate whose campaign has more grass roots than most — he's a farmer who defeated a party favorite for the nomination. The image of him atop his tractor, bearing down on execrable incumbent Conrad Burns (one of the most corrupt legislators you'll ever find, and the guy who insulted the firefighters who came to the rescue when Montana was in flames), should cheer the hearts of centrists and progressives alike. Burns may be a creep and a fool, but he has a HUGE cash advantage in this race. So give farmer Jon some seed money.

Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Winning Ohio is a top priority. With ultra-reactionary gubernatorial hopeful Ken Blackwell likely to go down in flames (barring some kind of Diebold chicanery of his own making), we have a chance to make huge gains. Congressman Sherrod Brown is a strong progressive who, with our help, can make mincemeat of the incumbent, Bush-loving hack Mike DeWine. He's been right on foreign policy, energy, the minimum wage, properly equipping our troops and every other salient issue you'd care to name. Let's send the GOP's power grid a serious Brown-out.

Image of Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar


Another progressive female candidate squaring off against a heartland Neanderthal (Mark Kennedy, who has a 92% pro-Bush voting record), Amy's been a fearless critic of the Iraq war and the Bush administration's sleazy contempt for the rule of law. "The people of Minnesota deserve more than a shoutfest about what's right and what's left," she says on her excellent site. "Minnesotans deserve a candidate — and a U.S. Senator — who's focused on what's right and what's wrong." Help her make the distinction.

Image of Jack Carter

Jack Carter


Jimmy Carter's son has been giving incumbent John Ensign — who has voted with President Bush a whopping 96% of the time — a run for his money, but Karl Rove's money machine (and Jack's recent bout of colitis) have put him at a disadvantage. A solid liberal who would be a strong Western voice for sensible energy policy and smart foreign policy, he's clearly inherited his father's practical, compassionate sensibility. It's Nevada, so I'm tempted to call this a crapshoot, but let's help stake Jack and see if he can't score a Senate seat ... and turn Nevada's other Senator into the majority leader.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


A Vietnam vet, former Congressman, novelist and ex-Republican who left his old party, in part, over the Iraq war, Webb stands for, in his own site's words:

  • Refocusing America's foreign and defense policies in a way that truly protects our national interests and seeks harmony where they are not threatened.
  • Repairing the country's basic infrastructure, which has eroded badly over the past decade, and developing more creative ways to assist disaster-stricken areas such as those in New Orleans and along the Gulf coast.
  • Reinstituting notions of true fairness in American society, including issues of race, class, and economic advantage; and
  • Restoring the Constitutional role of the Congress as an equal partner, reining in the unbridled power of the Presidency.
Webb faces a typically reactionary GOP incumbent, the chortling jerk George Allen (whose racist past is catching up with him). Let's help Jim turn Virginia blue. Click here to check out a powerful ad from VoteVets on Allen's failure to support our troops in Iraq.

Image of Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell


An incumbent you can believe in, Maria is squaring off against incumbent Mike McGavick, a right-winger who supports the usual Bush-lover's laundry list (gay-marriage ban, repeal of the estate tax, draconian "terror" laws, etc.). For the price of a few cups of Seattle's best coffee, you can give Maria's campaign an added jolt of energy.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


California can and will lead the way on alternative energy, and having Jerry in Congress would further empower the movement. A vibrant grass-roots challenger to the horribly corrupt Richard Pombo, he's earned praise from local activists and national party players alike. Here's what The San Jose Mercury News had to say:

He wants to bring jobs to ... the San Joaquin Valley, in part by helping promote the area's nascent alternative-energy industry. His professional background would make him a good advocate for more sensible energy policy in Washington. McNerney offers clear thinking on the nation's health care crisis, emphasizing the need to rally businesses to the cause of reform. And he would rescind portions of the Bush tax cuts that have disproportionately benefited wealthy Americans.

Image of Francine Busby

Francine Busby


"When our leaders go wildly astray," reads a message from Francine on her campaign site, "it's up to us ordinary folks to fix the problem." She's fighting tooth and nail against another pooh-bah of pay-for-play politics, Brian Bilbray, in the very conservative district once presided over by corruption incarnate, Randy "Duke" Cunningham. A strong voice for education and women's rights, she'll be a sterling addition to the new Democratic majority. Dig deep for Francine.

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


In a no-holds-barred struggle to unseat one of the most despicable Congresscritters in the land — "Mean" Jean Schmidt, a rabid wingnut who smeared war hero Jack Murtha as a cut-and-run coward and whose grimacing mug frightens small children— Dr. Vic (an M.D. and health-care crusader) represents a chance to wrest one of the country's most conservative districts from the GOP and send a thoughtful, progressive, education-minded leader to Washington.

Image of Patricia Madrid

Patricia Madrid


Running against Heather Wilson — a corrupt, petulant right-winger who supports the Iraq war and has ties to the DeLay scandal — N.M. attorney general Madrid is a reform-minded liberal who'll help build a Western bloc of smart, sensible legislators. This is a close race, and President Bush has raised big money for Wilson. So show Patricia some love.

Image of Jay Fawcett

Jay Fawcett


An Air Force vet who retired with the rank of Lt. Col., Jay has been forceful on military matters, demanding accountability of the administration on the Iraq and Afghanistan fronts and calling for investigations of war profiteering. He has also been among the few candidates to mention the historical backdrop of poverty and U.S. interventionism that informs the immigration debate. He's an example of two-fisted Western leadership backed up by good sense and positive values. His opponent is a champion of the religious right who alienated members of his own party during a vicious primary, accusing a fellow Republican of "public support for members and efforts of the homosexual agenda."

Image of Angie Paccione

Angie Paccione


Another Western Dem nipping at the heels of an incumbent wingnut — in this case queen ant of religious hate Marilyn Musgrave, who recently declared that gay marriage is "the most important issue we face today"— Angie has been speaking out against the GOP tradition of letting special interests write legislation. She's a Western moderate who's helping the Dems expand (rather than redesign) their tent to appeal to centrists and old-school conservatives; this means not all of her positions will appeal to progressives. But she'll be a tough, smart alternative to the awful Musgrave.

Image of Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords


Now that right-wing lunatic Randy Graf has won the GOP primary, Giffords has a great shot at garnering moderate votes that might've gone to Graf's less hard-line challenger. Click here to see her excellent "Gabby Road" TV ad, which highlights her commitment to health care. Graf, meanwhile, emphasizes immigrant-bashing, gay-bashing, repealing Roe and the rest of the draconian ultra-right agenda. Let's elect a person who lives in the 21st Century instead.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


The fact that the GOP has to defend seats in IOWA should tell you that this is no ordinary election. Bruce is championing equitable economics and sane foreign policy in his face-off with GOP dolt Mike Whalen, whose rote parroting of Bush-Cheney talking points would have a creepy, cult-like quality if it weren't so tediously predictable. Sending an Iowa progressive to DC will be the ultimate vindication of the Dems' 50-state strategy.

Image of Larry Grant

Larry Grant


Our party has experienced a stunning resurgence in places once considered impenetrable GOP redoubts, resulting in the emergence of strong candidates like Larry. A true heartland Democrat and "Netroots" favorite who nonetheless has cross-party appeal, he's focused on kitchen-table issues: jobs, education, health care and fiscal sanity. His opponent, Bill Sali, is so loathsome that he's been branded an "idiot" and a "bully" by prominent figures in his own party; a "Republicans for Grant" group has even sprung up. Sali even said recently that he still believes Saddam had WMDs because, um, he saw it on TV or something. Help Grant Larry the power to win; this new polling info indicates that with a nice push he can get there.

Image of Nancy Boyda

Nancy Boyda


"Our democracy is being undermined from the inside out," this feisty Kansan declared in a speech last April. "I'm running because I know and you know that it does not have to be this way." Running neck and neck with a well-funded right-wing crank, Jim Ryun, she's showing that yet another conservative stronghold is vulnerable to a tough, sensible Democrat. Help Nancy show the nation that there's nothing the matter with Kansas that true democracy can't fix.

Image of Dan Seals

Dan Seals


Another in a strong pack of "Netroots"-backed progressives who've stood up for troop withdrawal, choice, education, health care and the separation of Church and State, Dan is running against Bush clone Mark Kirk, a legislative courtesan to the pharmaceutical, oil and insurance cabals (92% of Seals' money, by contrast, comes from individuals). Help Dan seal this one up.

Image of Tim Walz

Tim Walz


Another beloved "Netroots" candidate who's also been endorsed by old-guard Democratic stalwarts, this teacher and 20-year National Guard veteran is challenging incumbent Gil Gutknecht, who promised to serve only six terms but is now running for a seventh (and who was recently caught trying to edit the article about him on Wikipedia). Gutknecht backed the Iraq war until public sentiment changed; he's now trying to position himself as a war critic. Help Tim send this bozo home.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Karl Rove recently hit Seattle to help Darcy's opponent, the charisma-impaired, Bush-enabling incumbent Dave Reichert, partly because Darcy keeps raising grass-roots dollars. She's a smart, sensible liberal running a no-nonsense campaign, but she's still up against the evil GOP cash machine. Help make sure she's fully funded through November.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


"A commitment to Real Family Values means helping working families rise above the poverty line," says Larry, "instead of pushing millions more working families down the economic ladder while giving targeted tax breaks to idle wealth." It's exciting to hear a Southern candidate spread this message, and Larry's generating plenty of energy — both online and on the ground. A high school teacher and former textile worker, he understands the people in his district; his call for lower taxes for working families is likely to resonate. But he's up against a well-funded incumbent in Robin Hayes, a Bush-embracing oil-industry concubine who was voted second most "spineless" House member by Washingtonian. Let's help give Hayes a goodbye Kissell.

Image of Raul Grijalva

Raul Grijalva


"I Can't Get No Satisfaction" plays when you load the man's MySpace page, but he certainly satisfies Arizona Dems. A stalwart progressive who's consistently stood up for accountability on the war, the environment and women's and Native Americans' rights, Raúl has also been a rallying force for local Dems, even when the national party was nowhere in evidence. If ever the power of incumbency was earned, he's earned it.

Image of Phil Angelides

Phil Angelides


Phil's cut into the Governator's lead, but he'll need your help if he's going to rescue us from another term in Ahnuld Land. Speaking of Ahnuld, check out this story about his typically obnoxious remarks about what happens when you mix "black and Latino blood".

Image of Debra Bowen

Debra Bowen

CA-Sec State

Why should you care about this office? Well, if votes are to be counted fairly, we need a Secretary of State who honors democracy over partisanship. Too many state officials are busily trying to subvert, compromise or otherwise hamper a fair vote count. Debra's one of the good ones — make sure you give her your support.

Marc Dann

OH-Atty Gen

Ohio has been the center of numerous vote-counting controversies, and supporting Dann is one way of cutting off GOP interference with the vote count. Though ActBlue isn't supporting him directly, you can pitch in by clicking the "Donate" button below.

Mark Strama


Here's what my pal Lisa says: "Mark toppled Republican syncophant/mouth-frother Jack Stick last election in a very difficult district by a few hundred votes, and the TX Republican party is totally gunning for him." Check out the Texas Political Accountability Act on Mark's page.

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