Contribute Now to Courage for Congress

by Burnt Orange Report


At times like these, we need Democrats with courage to stand up to fight the good fight against Republican corruption. In TX-21, we have that Democrat. A Democrat named Courage, John Courage.

A teacher, a veteran, a father, and a youth leader at his church, John Courage is in touch with the values and concerns of the people of Central Texas, from Austin to San Antonio and all the towns, villes, and burgs in between.

Courage has what it takes to stand up to Republican Lamar Smith, a Tom DeLay clone. Smith, who donated thousands of dollars to DeLay's legal defense fund, was personally selected by DeLay to be on the very House Ethics Committee that is supposed to investigate the majority leader's misconduct.

Washington needs Reform.

We have Courage. Do you?

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Rick Noriega