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by Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

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Republican senators like Jim Inhofe and Ted Stevens have rubber-stamped a radical Bush-Cheney agenda that has embroiled us in a disastrous war in Iraq and a disastrous economy at home. With your help, we can put America back on track by sending real progressives like Andrew Rice and Mark Begich to the U.S. Senate. Contribute to their campaigns today!

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Andrew Rice


Andrew Rice is a tremendous candidate -- he is a current Oklahoma state senator who has worked tirelessly to help relieve vulnerable Oklahoma children of hunger, expand access to health care, and promote the use of renewable energy sources. Support his campaign by donating today!

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Mark Begich


Democrat Mark Begich has shown that he can provide the leadership that Alaska needs. Mark is in his fifth year as mayor of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, which is enjoying its 20th consecutive year of economic growth. Let's send Mark to the Senate - donate to his campaign today!

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Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

Senator Boxer formed PAC for a Change to change the direction the right-wing extremists in Congress are taking our country. Senator Boxer’s PAC for a Change is an effective, progressive organization that supports the basic values that a majority of Americans share – basic human rights, economic justice for all and social justice.

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