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by Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

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We've seen this before: When the right-wing is losing, they resort to false negative attack ads to try to tear down their Democratic opponents and sleaze their way to victory. That's what's happening to Democratic Senate candidates Mark Udall in Colorado and Jeff Merkley in Oregon. Help them fight back - donate to their campaigns today!

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Mark Udall


Mark Udall is running for an open seat in Colorado being vacated by retiring Republican Senator Wayne Allard. But he is currently being outspent by nearly 2-to-1 on TV, besieged by more than $13 million in attack ads from right-wing groups including Freedom's Watch that are distorting Mark's record and smearing his good name. Help Mark fight back by making a donation today!

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Jeff Merkley


In Oregon, Jeff Merkley has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of residents in his state. Jeff is currently Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives where he has led the fight to make health care more affordable, clamp down on pay day loan scams, pass landmark environmental legislation, and create thousands of family-wage jobs in Oregon. But he needs our help, right now, to fend off Freedom's Watch's false negative attacks, extend his lead, and win on Election Day. Contribute today!

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Barbara Boxer's PAC for a Change

Senator Boxer formed PAC for a Change to change the direction the right-wing extremists in Congress are taking our country. Senator Boxer’s PAC for a Change is an effective, progressive organization that supports the basic values that a majority of Americans share – basic human rights, economic justice for all and social justice.

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