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by Brian Sant

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I believe candidates with strong, sound stances deserve our support, and this is a race where your dollars can make the difference. Please make a contribution to this critical cause.

True Majority Action PAC

Cover all your bases by donating to my favorite PAC - True Majority Action PAC. Their Take It Back campaign is tracking the 30 races which can Take Back the country, including many of the candidates I have listed below. If you aren't a member, be sure to sign up at the top of this page -- and while you're at it, donate to them as well!

Deval Patrick


Break Massachussetts ridiculous history of being run by a Republican Governor. Support Deval Patrick!

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Businessman and progressive Ned Lamont, who defeated Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary, is facing him again in the general election this fall. ItÂ’s time to let the Republican-backed Lieberman and DLC Democrats all over the country hear that their politics is the politics of the past, and progressive politics is the politics of the future.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Populist ... Organic Farmer ... State Senate President who knows Montanans ... Jon Tester is the candidate to beat in the race for US Senator. Incumbent Conrad Burns is making a misstatement a week and still can't really explain where all that Jack Abramoff money went. With the strong wind of a blow out primary at his back, Tester is ready to put this Senate seat in the Democratic column.

Image of Bob Casey

Bob Casey


Sen. Rick Santorum is being challenged by a statewide-elected candidate whose name has huge curb appeal, State Treasurer Bob Casey, Jr. Casey has consistently had a lead in all polls, and usually by wide margins. The administration lost this state in the last election and has built up no good will since. However, Santorum may be the most vulnerable Senate incumbent in the country, but he is a resourceful politician and has a fundraising advantage, so the race could be tight on election night.

Image of Lois Murphy

Lois Murphy


If you are looking for one of the top seats to change parties in 2006, this one is it. Pennsylvania is pretty darn tired of the Bush administration and the direction of the country, as made clear by the polling numbers in the US Senate race. Lois Murphy, attorney and mother of two, is taking on the sophomore Congressman Jim Gerlach, who is running like crazy away from the current leadership of his party. He can run, but he can't hide from all those votes supporting the war in Iraq, tax cuts for the wealthy, funding of nuclear weapons. Muphy is pressing hard and voters will give the Bush administration a vote on its performance on November, the outcome is looking bleak.

Image of Brad Ellsworth

Brad Ellsworth


Brad Ellsworth, the telegenic sheriff in the Evansville and Terre Haute district, is running against John Hostettler, the Congressman who was stopped at his regional airport because he had a loaded gun in his carry-on. His excuse, ?I forgot it was in there.? Ellworth, by contrast has been well aware of the laws of the land, having served as police officer for over 25 years. He is running to bring better paying jobs and job security, better trade agreements and stronger education for the workforce we will rely on in the next generation.

Image of Baron Hill

Baron Hill


Baron Hill, long owner of this southern Indiana seat, is up for a rematch against trucking company owner, Congressman Mike Sodrel, who beat him in the last election. However, tolerance for the direction of the country has declined markedly in the district and Hill's rematch is considered one of the best pick-ups in the country.

Image of Nick Lampson

Nick Lampson


Now that Tom DeLay has been permanently removed from this race, the election has ended up with a ballot including Democratic ex-Congressman Nick Lampson, an Independent candidate, and a write-in line for the Republican candidate. DeLay long ago gave away Republican voters from this district because he had such a lock on it. Now a new measurement will be taken and Nick Lampson, who previously represented up to one third of the voters now in the district, with be taking the lead in winning back seats for Democrats. Even with the complications of a concurrent special election to fill the remaining time in DeLay's term, this seat is considered the most likely to change hands in November.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


In an open seat freed up by Congressman Jim Nussle running for Governor, Democratic nominee Bruce Braley is ready to put this seat in the Democratic column. His strong connection to the community and strong support for TrueMajority values, including support of the Common Sense Budget Act, make this race a top priority for TrueMajority ACTION PAC. Our support of Braley in the primary helped him across the line and we will be there with him on election night to ring in victory.

ActBlue Massachusetts

Help progressive candidates in my state by activating ActBlue in Massachusetts--an easy way for people to get involved in politics by supporting local progressive candidates who can really make a difference in our community!

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