Contribute Now to Save our Marriage! Vote NO on Prop 8

by Brian Chao & Dan Dudak


Can you help us? Prop 8, if passed, will take away our basic civil rights and add discrimination into the California Constitution. We're personally asking for your help to vote, speak out, and if you can to please contribute.

Here are 3 simple ways you can help.

If you live in California: 1) VOTE! Please vote NO on Prop 8.

Everyone, no matter where you live:

2) SPEAK! Spread the word among family and friends. Make sure everyone you know in CA gets out to vote. Feel free to share this page by clicking "Spread the Word" below.

3) CONTRIBUTE! Can you contribute $5? $20? Any amount helps buy airtime to spread the word against discrimination.

Enter any amount above if you are able to make a contribution towards NO on Prop 8. Dan and I have already made several donations, even during these tough economic times when I’m about to lose my job. Can you help us raise a little more money so we can fight strong right up until the end?

What is equality worth: a $5 latte, a $10 movie, a $20 dinner? If everyone donates just $5, we can raise an extra $250 today! Only $20 from everyone will raise over $1000!!! It would be a wonderful Christmas present to us, the right to stay married!

Thank you for listening, for caring, and for all the love and support you’ve always shown us. We are so fortunate to have you all as loving family and friends. Help us protect everyone's right to family, marriage, love, and equality.

Please vote, and please vote NO on Prop 8.

Love, Brian & Dan

Equality for All