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While Democrats control the House of Representatives by 236-199, they cannot pass progressive bills on health care, the environment, jobs, justice, and impeachment - or even stop horrendous Republican bills on Iraq, torture, and warrantless wiretapping - because a few dozen "Bush Democrats" regularly vote with George Bush.

One solution is to elect more Democrats to increase our majority so "Bush Democrats" matter less, and many netroots groups like,, and Blue America are doing this brilliantly.

The other solution is to replace "Bush Democrats" with progressive Democrats through primary elections, and that's why we created this page. Read more about our efforts here:

The candidates below are running against "Bush Democrats" in Democratic primaries. We hope you'll join us in supporting them!

Image of Tom Geoghegan

Tom Geoghegan


Tom Geoghegan is a famed labor lawyer who wrote legendary pro-worker books like "Which Side Are You On?"

David Sirota calls Tom "one of the greatest living progressives in America." The Nation wrote "Tom could be the next Paul Wellstone" and "Geoghegan´s platform should be a model for Democrats in the post-meltdown era." The new Progressive Change Campaign Committee made Tom its first supported candidate.

The election is March 3, and Tom is the insurgent populist in a crowded field of 11 candidates. Here's a video of Tom describing his economic priorities (filmed the morning after a Netroots fundraiser in DC):

Image of Regina Thomas

Regina Thomas


State Senator Regina Thomas challenged BushDemocrat John Barrow in the 2008 primary and ran an outstanding race, thanks to your support. We hope she runs again!

Image of Stephen A. Harrison

Stephen A. Harrison


NY13 made headlines this year when Vito Fossella (R) was arrested in Virginia for drunk driving on his way to his second family - unbeknownst to his family and friends back in conservative Staten Island, who made him drop out of politics.

With Fossella out of the race, the only Republican seat in New York City is virtually guaranteed to turn Democratic. But which Democrat?

Steve Harrison ran a great race progressive against Fossella in 2006 when he was still popular, earned the endorsement of the NY Times, and got 43% of the vote despite being outspent 13-1. And Harrison was so committed to beating Fossella that he immediately announced another race for 2008.

When Fossella dropped out, Democrats should have supported Harrison. Instead they recruited Michael McMahon, a City Councilman who supported the Iraq War and was endorsed by New York's Conservative Party, which is far right of the Republicans.

Why? Because McMahon will be a reliable party hack, while Harrison will stand up to the corporate-sellout leadership and fight to bring our troops home from Iraq, enact guaranteed health care, and restore the Constitution.

Harrison is endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America, Down With Tyranny, and Democracy for NYC.

Image of Howard Shanker

Howard Shanker


There’s going to be a tough primary in the seat being evacuated by Arizona’s crookesdest Republican congressman, Rick Renzi. It smells like a Democratic year for this district and Howard Shanker is the progressive, grassroots candidate, a natural resources and environmental attorney with a keen understanding of how dismally the Bush Regime and his congressional cronies has run our government. If you know Arizona politics, suffice it to say that Howard will be a lot more like Raúl Grijalva than like Harry Mitchell. In other words, Howard’s very much from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Please take a look at Blue America's first live blog session with Howard (Oct 20) to get a feel for what a really exceptional candidate he is.

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