Contribute Now to Buy a Word for Ken's campaign

by Ken Arnold


Update - Correction Thanks to all who have contributed. The campaign had been misinformed by the state and the actual cost for our statement is $5256 or about $21 per word, which figure we did reach. However, there are many more campaign costs and contributions are still welcomed.

Sincerely, Ken Arnold 08/1/4/08


Not only do we not have public campaign financing in California, but the campaigns must pay the cost of any statements they care to make in the candidate information publication sent to the voters.
For my assembly district, the deposit will be over $10,500 for a 250-word statement. This is due soon.
This is overwhelmingly the largest and most important expenditure that my frugal campaign will be making. We need your help to see that we don’t miss this great opportunity.
Please help. Buy a word for $42. Or a sentence or more if you can, or only a few letters if that is all you can do.
All help in this important race to help turn OC blue and restore a working majority to both houses of the state legislature, is very very much appreciated.
The future is upon us now, we must work to give it the shape we want.
Most sincerely, Ken Arnold

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Ken Arnold


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