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by Laura Heuchan


Help Mike take back the Second Congressional District of West Virginia!

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Mike Callaghan


West Virginians in the Second Congressional District deserve more than being represented by a rubber stamp for George Bush. Shelley Moore Capito has ignored the needs of her district for the past six years and Mike Callaghan wants to give us the representation that we all deserve.

Mike is a former Federal prosecutor for the Southern District of West Virginia. He was also the Secretary of the WV Department of Environmental Protection and the Chairman of the WV Democratic Party.

His plans for West Virginia revolve around making the lives of all West Virginians better. Mike believes that every man, woman, and child should have access to affordable healthcare and is making this belief a top priority in his campaign. With a mom as a nurse, Mike was able see first hand the struggles that average people go through.

It is imperative that Mike raise enough money to take back the state. The Second Congressional District is overwhelmingly Democratic and Mike has an excellent chance to take back this seat. The Second Congressional District of West Virginia is also the only federal seat in the state that is currently held by a Republican. With your help, Mike will be able to take on Capito and her Republican friends.

Congresswoman Capito has taken thousands from Jack Abramoff and from big oil corporations. She is in lock-step with President Bush.

Mike is campaigning every day across his district- the largest district, geographically, east of the Mississippi. He is intelligent and personable and listens to what people have to say to him.

Help West Virginia and help our country by donating to Mike's campaign.

Update: Mike continues to run an excellent campaign. He will represent the real needs of West Virginians and he'll do it with intregrity. Given the ethical lapses and disrepect for basic Constitutional rights we have seen in the Bush administration and in Congress, we need someone to represent us who respects the Constitution of the United States. Mike is an experienced and successful Federal prosecutor and he'll take that skill to Washington, DC. He will make us safer, something that the Bush administration and their rubber stamps in Congress have not done. Mike Callaghan can win with your donations. Please help if you can.

Mike's website:

I am a volunteer for Mike in Randolph County, WV. My contact info: or 304-635-7802