Contribute Now to Please Help to Protect Our Rights

by Caroline and Julie


Dear friends & family,

We need your help. We never thought that we would be part of a Civil Rights movement, as those movements seemed like battles that had already been won. Sadly, we find ourselves in the midst of a Civil Rights battle; a battle that is attempting to revoke rights currently afforded to all Californians: your friends, neighbors, sons, daughters, and co-workers.

The scary part of this story is that the Proposition 8 campaign is currently ahead in the polls by a 5-point margin. The "Yes on Proposition 8" folks have mobilized a huge force within California and outside of California. The Mormon Church is requesting that their members pledge large sums of money. I've even heard stories of members taking loans in order to pledge large sums toward the passage of this campaign.

The frustrating part is that only 1% of the gay community has donated funds towards defeating this discriminating measure. The "No on 8 Campaign" desperately needs funds in order to counter-act the filthy propaganda that is inundating the media.

Please help us to defeat this measure by donating anything you can. Even $10 would be a great help. If you live in California, PLEASE vote "no" on this measure. Also, if you can think of any friends or family that would be willing to help, then please send this link to them.

There are only two weeks left before a decision is made on whether legally afforded rights are taken away through this discriminatory proposition. Help us avoid taking a step backward in time to a philosophy where "separate but equal" felt anything but equal.

Caroline and Julie

Equality for All

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