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These seven candidates for the United States Senate, in my opinion, represent our best opportunity to change the direction of this country away from the failed policies of the Bush-Cheney years. By working to elect these seven progressives, we can bring not just COMMON SENSE, but a sense of the COMMON GOOD back to Washington, DC. These are the candidates I believe are most deserving, candidates with strong, sound stances, running in races where your dollars matter most. The minimum acceptable donation for a candidate is $5....and the legal limit is $2100 per candidate. Give til it hurts! And then pass this link around to as many of your friends as possible. My goal - to raise a total of $5,000.

Check out this New York Times article about the Democrats' improved prospects of winning a majority in the Senate.

Also, visit my Act Blue House page. And Paul's Act Blue House page.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Jon Tester is the REAL DEAL! I know this for a fact..because I met him at a fundraiser here in San Francisco in July. He recently completed his 4th session in the Montana state senate and was elected to lead the body as its president. His tenure marked a significant and successful transition for Montana Democrats as they moved into the majority leadership of the Senate for the first time in more than a decade. Born and raised in Montana, Jon continues to honor his family’s agricultural roots growing organic wheat, barley, lentils, peas, millet, buckwheat, alfalfa and hay. And most importantly, Jon espouses the type of family-friendly, progressive policies that will promote REAL change in Washington: renewable energy, comprehensive health coverage and a change in course to our disastrous policy in Iraq. Jon Tester richly deserves your support. And your dollar goes a LONG way in Montana. In the meantime, Jon's opponent Conrad Burns just keeps giving voters reasons to fire him. Burns just can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. So please give generously!

Update! Senator Burns just keeps the verbal gaffes coming!

New Update! Senator Burns just can't keep out of trouble!

Newest Update! New poll shows Tester opening up 7% lead on Burns.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


To quote David Byrne, "you may ask yourself..." what's a former Republican and Reagan-era Navy Secretary doing running for the US Senate as a Democrat??? My answer would be, "Now you know just how MUCH the political spectrum has shifted to the right in the past 6 years." To read about Jim's positions on issues, check out his recent blog on the Daily Kos click here. Jim Webb has parlayed his early opposition to the Iraq war and a people-powered victory over his institution-backed opponent in the June primary into a closely watched challenge to Senator George Allen. A recent poll puts Jim within dead even with Allen. click here for latest poll _But he can only stay in this a race if he can raise LOTS of cash to deflect the inevitable attacks that will surely emanate from Senator George (Hakuna Macaca) Allen's $7million warchest. As a Vietnam veteran and military hero, Jim will bring some much-needed gravitas to the debate on terrorism and national security that is sure to dominate this fall's campaign. Check out this here Let's give Jim the financial ammo he needs to make this a REAL contest.

Update! George Allen embarrasses Virginians and himself yet AGAIN!

It seems Senator Allen has a long history of incidents revealing his racial insensitivity.

New Update! CQ has just changed the status of this race from "Republican favored" to "leans Republican." Jim has ALL the momentum!

Newest Update! The highly respected Cook Political Report just changed the rating on this race from "leans Republican" to "toss up".10/04/06

FLASH! Jim Webb endorsed by the Washington Post! 10/18/06

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


As a Missouri state representative, county prosecutor and (most recently) state auditor, Claire McCaskill has dedicated her life to listening to the needs of working families, holding government accountable and ensuring that public policies benefit the people, not the special interests. Her 23-years of public service and dedication to her signature issues of <a href=""affordable healthcare, quality education, energy independence and fiscal responsibility make her uniquely qualified to reclaim the Missouri senate seat once held by Harry Truman. So please open up your pocketbooks and wallets to help send someone to Washington who will TRULY “Give ‘em hell!” It’s time Missouri had a senator who is on OUR side.

Update! McCaskill running neck and neck with Talent!

New Update! McCaskill edges ahead by 3% in see-saw battle.

Newest Update! Claire surges ahead by 9% in latest Survey USA poll. 10/12/06

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


The Tennessee senate race is pivotal. This seat is being vacated by retiring Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. A victory by Harold Ford, Jr could be the key to unlocking the Republican stranglehold on the U. S. Senate. And with your help, he can become the first African-American senator from the South since Reconstruction. Barack needs company!

Update! New poll gives Harold Ford his first lead! We can WIN this race! Please send Harold cash NOW!

New Update! New poll shows improved prospects for Ford.

Newest Update! CQ Politics has just changed the rating on this race from "leans Republican" to "no clear favorite."

Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Nobody in the country knows more about the failed economic policies of the Bush-Cheney administration than the 200,000 people in Ohio who have lost manufacturing jobs since 2000. Sherrod Brown is an unabashed progressive. From his outspoken opposition to both NAFTA and CAFTA to his refusal to accept the Congressional health plan coverage until all Ohioans have affordable health care, Sherrod Brown not only “talks the talk”, but he also “walks the walk.” And most importantly, he has been opposed to the disastrous war in Iraq from Day One. So please give generously to help elect a true, grassroots progressive to the United States Senate. It’s time to retire Mike DeWine and his corrupt, lobbyist-fueled and funded, “pay to play” type of representation.

Update! Sherrod Brown edges ahead of DeWine in Rasmussen poll.

New Update! Brown opens 6-point lead (47%-41%) over DeWine in latest Rasmussen poll.

Newest Update! A new Rasmussen poll shows Sherrod Brown increasing his lead to 8%....49% - 41%.

Flash! Latest Survey USA poll shows the momentum is all Sherrod's as he opens up a whopping 14-point lead. 10/12/06

Image of Bob Casey

Bob Casey


Bob Casey is running against 'Senator Sanatorium'......need I say more???

Update! The latest polls confirm we've got a REAL SHOT at unseating Santorum.

New Update! New Quinnipiac University poll shows Casey has opened up a double digit lead over Santorum.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Ned Lamont had the political courage to challenge a 3-term incumbent senator and former vice presidential candidate long before he knew his campaign would even be viable. He’s a man who will speak truth to power, something that is both sorely lacking and sorely needed in Washington these days. Ned is not afraid to confront the status quo and call for change, especially when it comes to our misguided and failed foreign policy. While some on the right will try to portray him as ‘out of the mainstream,’ Ned’s solid background as a people-powered candidate who built a successful and prosperous business will impeach these spurious claims. It’s time to send somebody to Washington who truly understands government’s role in ensuring fundamental rights and equal opportunity for ALL citizens. That man is Ned Lamont!

Update! American Research poll shows Lamont and Lieberman in a dead heat!

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