Contribute Now to Global Solutions '08 Round 7

by Global Solutions PAC

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This week, we have a special list of candidates. They're all from Maine. We've endorsed in every contested Congressional race in this great state and encourage you to give all you can to help send Tom Allen to the Senate and Chellie Pingree to the House; as well as re-electing a standup global statesman, Mike Michaud.

Image of Tom Allen

Tom Allen


We are proud to back Tom Allen in his run for the U.S. Senate. Throughout his twelve years as a Member of the U.S. House, he has been a great supporter of international cooperation and peaceful solutions, earning A's and A+'s on our Congressional Report Card. When asked about his vision for the United States' role in the world, he stressed effective diplomacy, stating "Working with international allies, the United States can develop a comprehensive security framework that allows us to address urgent security threats without the defiant unilateralism of the Bush administration. Cognizant of our place within the global community, the United States should begin to repair our damaged international relationships, and reclaim our reputation and responsibilities as a moral leader." We are confident Tom will continue to be strong on global issues in the Senate, so let's help him get there!

Image of Mike Michaud

Mike Michaud


Our incumbent of the week is Congressman Mike Michaud, who is running for re-election in Maine’s 2nd district. Rep. Michaud has been a great candidate for Global Solutions, receiving three A+'s and one A on our last four Congressional Report Cards. His A+ this year was for supporting peacekeeping funds in Darfur, working to reduce and secure nuclear materials across the globe, opposing torture and not cutting funding for international organizations. He received extra credit for supporting the UN Emergency Peace Service resolution in the House. We backed Mike's first run for Congress in 2002, and have seen him as a strong ally ever since. Let's help him win in November!

Image of Chellie Pingree

Chellie Pingree


With Tom Allen making his bid for the U.S. Senate, that leaves a huge hole to fill in Maine’s 1st district. Enter Chellie Pingree. As a State Senator, Pingree had little problem standing up against special interests groups that she felt didn’t have the best interests of Maine in mind. Now she’s standing up for something she considers more serious, the chance to reverse the damage done to the country and its reputation over the past few years and set it back on the right track. "I believe that we need to spend our time and resources on building strong relationships throughout the world, not making enemies and fostering resentment and hatred in volatile areas. America used to be a model democracy that other nations admired and looked to for guidance and aid - I believe we can and must regain that respect that we have lost." We've proudly endorsed her and contributed to her campaign. With your additional help, we can make sure Chellie wins this seat next month!

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