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by Citizens for Global Solutions


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James Webb


We are down to the wire! On November 7th, the future of Congress, and our foreign policy, will be decided. And Citizens for Global Solutions has endorsed a fantastic candidate that we would like to tell you about..

His name is Jim Webb, and he’s running for U.S. Senate from Virginia. A few months ago, no one was paying attention to this race - it was seen as a sure thing for the anti-U.N. incumbent, George Allen. But, due to some major gaffs on Allen’s part and a solid agenda for change offered by Webb, this race is now garnering everyone’s attention.

Senator Allen has been horrible on our issues, getting D’s on our last two Congressional Report Cards. What makes this race most critical? Senator Allen sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, one of the key Congressional committees that Citizens for Global Solutions works with on a variety of issues!

Senator Allen has a war chest at his disposal and Jim Webb needs your help.

Senator Allen’s abominable record includes:

  • Supporting John Bolton to be the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Not only has Senator Allen called Mr. Bolton “the absolute perfect person,” but has also said he is a superb diplomat, a man of vision, and an integral part of a [Bush] Administration team.
  • Opposing the International Criminal Court (ICC), saying it “poses a threat to the sovereignty of the United States and the individual freedom of Americans.”
  • Voting for new nuclear weapons
  • Voting against funding UN peacekeeping programs – at a time when these programs are desperately needed
  • Opposing cutting greenhouse gases and addressing climate change

This doesn’t sound like the right man we need in office. So let’s put in a man of integrity with a vision for a better world, where nations work together to solve global problems. Help elect Jim Webb to be the next Senator from Virginia.

Jim Webb will:

  • Support working with the ICC to investigate crimes in Sudan, Uganda and the Congo
  • Work to ensure international organizations have the resources they need to keep global diseases at bay
  • Invest in renewable technologies for energy generation

It’s up to you now. A global statesman or a global problem? The result of this single race will resonate for years to come. Please support Jim Webb’s campaign. Thank you!

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