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by Erin Conroy


Image of Peter Goldmark

Peter Goldmark


The DCCC just designated this race (formerly a safe republican district) as an "Emerging Race." Website for direct donations at Goldmark has a life-long involvement with wheat ranching, science and public service. After receiving his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley in 1971, Goldmark returned to the family wheat and cattle ranch. He was appointed Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture in 1993 by Governor Lowry. Goldmark currently runs a wheat breeding program for crop improvement, and powers his vehicle with biodiesel. Wikinformation at

Image of Richard Wright

Richard Wright


Richard Wright, WA-04. Richard Wright is running against “Do nuthin’ Doc” Hastings, the House Ethics Committee chair who refuses to launch a single investigation of what may be the most corrupt House in modern times. Reason enough to send Wright to the other Washington. Wright grew up in the district (Pasco) and is honest and forthright. With Hastings' job approval low, now is the chance to unseat him.

My best friend from growing up in small town WA is running Wright's campaign, and they could use some extra money to leverage Wright's advantage--not being a corrupt SOB--by getting his name and message out to voters!

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


McNerney is running in the Far East Bay against Republican Dick Pombo, an outrageously anti-environment Congressman (e.g., he supports commercial whaling, for God's sake) who has also been named one of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress. See He's in bed with the mining industry, oil, timber, you name it. Pombo is Chairman of the House Resources committee, so unseating him would have immediate positive effects (if you're an environmentalist) even if the Democrats are unable to take back Congress. Pombo is very vulnerable. The Republicans have conducted a second round of polls, whose results they will not release. Sounds bad for them; however, they've also spent $250,000 in the past few weeks on negative mailers against McNerney, so he really could use some money pronto. The Republicans are planning a fancy fundraiser with George W. Bush on Oct. 3 in Stockton so Pombo could get a late infusion of cash which would be nice for McNerney to be able to counter. Good update of race here:

McNerney was inspired to enter politics by his son, who joined the Air Force after Sept. 11th, and is part of the 50-state strategy. He is a wind energy expert who has a Ph.D. in math. Earlier this cycle, McNerney's people-powered campaign comfortably defeated the DCCC backed candidate in a contested primary. Check out his website, he's great.

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


SurveyUSA released a new poll today (Sept. 28, 2006) showing Darcy Burner running neck-and-neck with freshman incumbent Republican Dave Reichert (likely voters):

Darcy Burner (D): 48 Dave Reichert (R-Inc): 50 MoE: ±4.3%

Now is the perfect time to fill the warchest! Information about Darcy at and of course her website below.

Image of Rick Larsen

Rick Larsen


My parents still live in this, my first home district. Rick Larsen is a three-term Representative who, as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has since 2000 taken politically brave stands to protect American security, including most recently, voting against the Military Commissions Act and advocating instead of the proposed secret tribunals, "a system that, if adopted by another country, would treat our people in the military fairly if they were captured.”

Larsen is a member of the Northern Border Caucus, and has worked to double the number of border personnel in my old District, which borders Canada. He helped to secure new Coast Guard cutters and to establish a new Custom and Border Protection agency air operations branch. Nevertheless, he has opposed the proposed construction of a wall along the Mexican border.southern border--a stance more principled than opportunistic in this districgt, where increased settlement in previously all-white counties by laborers migrating up from the southern border has unfortunately been met with suspicion and covert--sometimes overt--racism.

On key issues, Larsen protects the environment, civil rights and liberties, seniors, veterans, and labor, and is solidly pro-choice and pro-health care. See

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


As ActBlue/Kos notes, "Tester beat DLC-favorite John Morrison in a lopsided primary win. He is now facing a very vulnerable Conrad Burns. Burns is embroiled in scandal, but he is an excellent campaigner. Montana is a cheap media market, so dollars here go a long way."

If you're not familiar with the many sins/indiscretions of Conrad Burns, look here: Burns has referred to Arabs as "ragheads," failed to object to calling black people the N-word, and after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, he invited a group of racially mixed lobbyists to a "slave auction." Burns has been named as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress, and went back on his promise to limit himself to two terms in Congress, saying just that circumstances had changed. He was one of Abramoff's gang, accepting about $150,000 from him between 2001 and 2004 while he was chair of the Interior Subcommitte on Appropriations.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


I think nothing need be said about why the anti-progressive Joe Lieberman should be retired in the state I once called home. The man is so power-hungry he'd endorse torture if he thought it'd get him elected. Oh, wait...

Image of Phil Angelides

Phil Angelides


The Governator must be stopped.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


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