Civic Democracy

by Diane Parris

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Can you donate $3 to improve America?

Creating a better nation doesn't take riches, it takes teamwork. Working together, we change America for the better. Right now, we need to change Congress. We've got to support candidates who will strengthen our democracy, not disable it.

Your support is vital to our success, so take this opportunity and donate today!

ActBlue provides a unique way for you to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.

John Ewing


Nebraska's 2nd District Race:

John Ewing is running for the House seat currently being held by Republican incumbent Lee Terry. More importantly, John is winning...but only when the voter knows there is a choice. Even in these last days, your contribution will help him get that message out.

Lee Terry has a lot more money than John Ewing does; but John Ewing has a lot more integrity than Lee Terry does. I want the man with the most integrity working for me, not the one with the most dollar signs.

Please help John Ewing with a donation and, most importantly, with your vote!

Bob Kerrey


Bob Kerrey has gone from 20 points down to 2 points down; Bob needs to get out the word so we can get out the vote. Bob Kerrey is an honorable man, and we need him in Washington DC.

Image of Jim Graves

Jim Graves


Jim Graves is running against incumber Republican Michele Bachmann. You might remember the de facto leader of the Tea Party...the one who thinks John Quincy Adams freed the slaves? Bachmann has run one of the highest-cost campaigns. America can't afford any more House members dividing the nation, delaying the recovery, or being a laughingstock on the Intelligence Committee.

Help Jim Graves. It will help us all.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Claire McCaskill or Todd Akin

Do you want the woman who knows how things work, or the one who doesn't even know how babies are made?

Vote for Claire McCaskill.

That's how we "shut that stuff down" in America, Mr. Akin.

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