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by mole333


This page is dedicated to defeating Republicans in every seat and every state where their corruption is rampant. When a Republican has been particularly corrupt, I am targeting his seat. When a State Republican party has been particularly corrupt, I am targeting the Attorney General position in that state. Clean up Congress by defeating the most corrupt members.

Image of Nick Lampson

Nick Lampson


Nick Lampson is running to replace Tom DeLay, the now disgraced Republican former Speaker who protected a sexual predator (Republican Congressman Foley) and was caught up in the Abramoff scandals. Tom DeLay's next stop might well be jail where is buddy Randy Cunningham is already waiting for him. Lampson has a great chance of replacing DeLay in Congress. Even Republicans admit that we have a good shot at winnng this one!

Image of Francine Busby

Francine Busby


Busby is running to fill the seat only recently vacated by Republican Randy Cunningham whose corruption landed him right in jail where he belongs. Busby nearly won the special election to replace Cunningham. She is trying again in November.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


McNerney is running against Republican Richard Pombo who misused campaign funds to a tune of $22,896 in hotel expenditures and $320 for baseball tickets. Pombo took more money from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff than anyone else in Congress (over $500,000), enriched his wife, blocked investigations of serious allegations of corruption and much more. In a virtually unprecedented move, Pombo's primary opponent, Pete McCloskey, who comes from three generations of California Republican activists, has endorsed Pombo's Democratic opponent, Jerry McNerney, saying that it is better for the Democrats to capture the House temporarily in order to cleanse the Republican leadership. This race is a tossup!!!

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


Brown is a Fighting Dem. (Lt. Col.) who is gunning for the Congressional seat of the corrupt John Doolittle, who also misused campaign funds on gifts to volunteers, staff members and supporters totaling $55,679 since 2001.

Image of Mort Meier

Mort Meier


Meier is running against one of the most corrupt Republicans there is: Republican John Boehner of Ohio. Boehner played a key role in Tom DeLay's vaunted "K Street Project" to encourage lobbying firms to hire Republicans. In fact, beginning soon after the GOP took control of Congress in 1995, Boehner held weekly meetings with about a dozen of the most powerful lobbyists in the speaker’s suite in the Capitol. "He was a policy traffic cop for the business community,” said a colleague of Boehner’s of his role as chairman of the GOP conference. “He … translated business outreach into votes.”1 Across the span of his career, Boehner has raised nearly 95% of his money from business interests. John Boehner raises money from the industries he regulates. He takes industry money and gives favors in return. Time to replace him with a Democrat who favors people over companies.

Image of Zachary Space

Zachary Space


Space is going for Bob Ney's seat now that Ney has resigned in disgrace, brought down by the Abramoff scandal. Even the Republicans admit that Space has an excellent shot at taking Ney's seat. Ney was one of the very first Republicans I targeted for corruption. This race is a tossup!!!

Image of Richard Siferd

Richard Siferd


Siferd is running against one of the first Republicans I targeted for corruption, Mike Oxley. Mike Oxley, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, suggested that a congressional probe of mutual fund companies might be dropped if its Washington-based trade group, the Investment Company Institute fired a prominent Democrat and replaced her with a Republican. Wow! Trading favors at the highest levels of government.

Marc Dann

OH-Atty Gen

The Ohio Republican Party is quite possibly the most corrupt in the nation. From coingate to Abramoff to the conviction of Republican Governor Taft, the Ohio Republicans have been just disgusting in their corruption. If we want to see them brought to justice for their greed and their lawbreaking, we need a Democrat as Attorney General of Ohio. Mark Dann is the one who will go after these corrupt bastards.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Tester is running against a<a href="'>Conrad Burns</a>. Burns not only has advocated testing pesticides on human subjects, but has also been tied to the Abramoff scandal. Tester, by contrast, is a an organic farmer much loved in Montana. This one is looking good for Democrats, but is still hard fought!

Image of Christine Jennings

Christine Jennings


Jennings is running to replace the infamous Katherine Harris. Harris, of course, was central to Bush stealing the 2000 election. Furthermore, she was caught up in the same scandal that sent Randy Cunningham to jail. Harris is running for the Senate, but her next stop SHOULD be prison. Let's send Jennings to Congress to replace the horrid Harris.

Image of Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney


Mahoney is running to replace sexual predator Foley. Foley is the Congressman who solicited sex from an underage page. Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert and Tom Reynolds all knew about this but did nothing for months, letting a sexual predator go free. Mahoney is running to replace Pervert Foley. This one is suddenly looking good!

Skip Campbell

FL-Atty Gen

Florida is another state where the state Republican Party is wallowing in corruption. Electing a good Dem to be Florida's Attorney General is the only way this corruption will be rooted out. Campbell is the man to do that.

Image of Stephen A. Harrison

Stephen A. Harrison


Harrison is running against corrupt Cheney and Rove crony Vito Fossella. Fossella took money from sexual predator Foley AFTER the Republican leadership knew about Foley's solicitation of minors. Fossella is also caught up in the Abramoff scandal AND has a scandal of his own where he has misused campaign funds for vacations with lobbyists. Fossella is one of the most corrupt Republicans and deserves to be voted out. Harrison is just the man to do it. I have met him personally and was GREATLY impressed.

Image of Jack Davis

Jack Davis


Davis is running against Tom Reynolds who is now best known for keeping sexual predator Mark Foley's crimes a secret. Long after finding out about Foley's solicitation of a minor, Reynolds did nothing and said nothing, allowing a sexual predator to go free.

Image of Steve Kagen

Steve Kagen


Kagen is running to replace Republican Mark Green. Green is another Republican caught up in the Abramoff scandal. Republicans are seriously worried about this one!

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