Contribute Now to Andrew Rice - The Clean Energy We Need in Washington

by Friends of Environment America for Andrew


This race is about two things:

* First, it is about electing a proven leader for Oklahoma who is understands the disastrous energy situation we are in and how we build a new energy future for America. One that will strengthen the economy, create millions of new green jobs, and protect us from the worst impacts of Global Warming.

* Second, this is about retiring Jim Inhofe. As a Senator he has taken millions from Big Oil, carried their agenda and then complained he can't get enough of their money. He has made opposition to the science of Global Warming a crusade, has fought to keep America and our industry in the dark ages and is arguably responsible for more pollution than any other member of the U.S. Senate. Faced with the facts he attacks individuals and organizations.

* For America to move forward it is simply time for Inhofe to end his 14 years in Washington and move on to what will undoubtedly be a well paid career as an energy lobbyist.

* Please join us and make a contribution to send Andrew Rice to the Senate for the Clean Energy we need in Washington.

Image of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice