Closest Races 2014

by mole333

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The Greedy Oil Party has, more than ever, become the party of "No!" The party of obstructionism. The Republicans don't care about governing America anymore, all they care about is raw, naked power and greed.

We have to fight back.

Below I list some of the key Governor, House and Senate races of 2014. Most of these are the "must win" races for BOTH parties. In many cases the Repubs are so desperate to win these races that they are resorting to dirty tricks. Some of these races are longer shots but still possible to win and are in districts that a strong Dem presence will help win statewide races.

I am highlighting Senate now because of how critical it is to hold the Senate to support any Supreme Court nominees a Democratic President nominates in the next 6 years.

Want to win big in 2014? These are the races we need to start with!

Image of Michelle Nunn

Michelle Nunn


Next to Kentucky this is our best chance to flip a red Senate Seat to blue.

Image of Jason Carter

Jason Carter


Longshot but coupled with the Senate race worth focusing on.

Image of Connie Stokes

Connie Stokes

GA-Lt Gov

Lt. Gov for Georgia, running mate for Jason Carter.

Image of Curt B. Thompson

Curt B. Thompson


Democracy for American endorsed candidate running for Georgia State Senate.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


A top race in one of the most hotly contested races. Let's aim for some real gains in Iowa, starting with this race. I had not expected this to be as close as it is, but it is a tossup. I think it leans Dem.

Image of Staci Appel

Staci Appel


This might be our most important race to take from the Republicans. It is a seat that has been held by the Greedy Oil Party for some time, but it is now a toss up. Having roots in Iowa (my father is from there) I would love to see this seat get flipped to blue. Staci Appel is a good candidate. Iowa is also a key state in the race to keep the Senate, so helping in this Congressional race can help our ground game in keeping the Senate.

Image of Jim Mowrer

Jim Mowrer


This is the longest shot on this list, but the Repub incumbent is so bad, he may yet mess up his own re-election chances. This is perpetually a close race and though it usually falls to the Repubs, making this competitive will help with statewide Dem races.

Image of Pat Murphy

Pat Murphy


Another important House race in Iowa. I believe Iowa is the best state for a "fight for every district" philosophy. This is a defensive race, one we should win. But a strong showing here helps with the statewide races.

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


A good Senator and an important seat to defend.

Image of Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff


This is a key pick up opportunity in a key swing district in a key swing state. This race is an epicenter of American politics. This race is a dead heat and one of our best chances to flip a seat. Colorado also has a somewhat close race for Governor this year, so pushing hard in this Congressional seat helps statewide candidates as well. This seat was formerly held by Tom Tancredo and would be particularly sweet to flip.

Image of Joe Neguse

Joe Neguse

CO-Sec State

Secretaries of State protect our voting rights...or, if they are Republicans, take away our voting rights. Colorado, as a key swing state, is particularly critical. We have to protect our voting rights by electing honest Democrats across the country.

Image of Don Quick

Don Quick

CO-Atty Gen

Don Quick is running against a horribly anti-choice incumbent.

Image of Betsy Markey for Treasurer

Betsy Markey for Treasurer


Another important state level position! Let's try and sweep Colorado.

Image of Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan


Another key Senate seat we need to defend.

The first bill Kay Hagan co-sponsored in the U.S. Senate was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. You can see why the Greedy Oil Party is so eager to defeat her. The Koch brothers are POURING money into this race, yet it remains a solid tossup.

Image of Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall

NC-Sec State

Secretary of State is one of the most important posts in every state. This position basically protects our voting rights. Having an honest, competent person in charge of the North Carolina elections is critical!

Clay Aiken


This is a long shot for us, but Clay Aiken is running a surprisingly strong campaign and I think this could be an upset by the end. In addition, high Dem turnout in this district will help us hold the Senate seat.

Image of Tom Hill

Tom Hill


I am focusing on Tom Hill because the GOP in his district actually attacked me for helping elderly voters vote by absentee ballot. I did this in NYC, but the GOP in this NC district actually called me "sick" for helping elderly people vote. Tom Hall is clearly fighting a particularly nasty version of the Greedy Oil Party.

Image of Jonathan Barfield

Jonathan Barfield


We are defending this seat against a strong Repub effort to flip it from blue to red. New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield is running to keep this seat from being taken over by the Koch brothers.

Image of Mark Begich

Mark Begich


One of this year's key tossup Senate races. The Greedy Oil Party is so desperate to win this one that they put money and effort into a fraudulent website trying to fool Begich supporters into donating to the Repubs. This is critical defense.

Senator Mark Begich is well worth supporting. He supports overturning Citizen's United, voted for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and defends Social Security and Medicare.

Image of Emily Cain

Emily Cain


An important close House race to fight for. This had been off my radar but is a tossup and Cain has a real chance of winning.

Image of Amanda Renteria

Amanda Renteria


Another pick up chance...a slightly red district in a "blue" state. I think we are trending blue here anyway and picking it up now could lock it into the Dem camp for many elections to come (similar to what Loretta Sanchez did to a formerly solid red district in California's Orange County). I like Amanda Renteria because she used to be a high school teacher...and I am all for electing more teachers to office!

Image of Gwen Graham

Gwen Graham


A tossup race that had been off my radar until recently. One of our best pickup chances this year.

Image of Alison Lundergan Grimes

Alison Lundergan Grimes


The one big chance to pick up a Senate seat from the Repubs. Take the fight to their turf. Defeating Mitch McConnell would symbolically erase most of the gains they may make this year.

Image of Rick Weiland

Rick Weiland


This is another race that hasn't been on my radar, but it is becoming unexpectedly competitive. We have a shot here if our momentum continues! Rick Weiland has been endorsed by Democracy for America as well as all 9 South Dakota Native American tribes and the Great Plains Tribal Chairs Association.

Image of Gary Peters

Gary Peters


An important seat to defend in a key swing state.

Image of Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu


I may not be Landrieu's number one fan, but we need this Senate seat! It's all about the Supreme Court!

Image of Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge


This is one of a handful of chances to flip a red seat in NY state blue, and it is the one where the odds are most evenly balanced. This is another race where the Greedy Oil Party is so desperate to win they created a fake website to smear Sean Eldridge. They don't think they can win this one honestly, so the Repubs once again stooped to lying.

Image of Aimee Belgard

Aimee Belgard


Yet another one of our best chances of flipping a seat to blue. People think of NJ as a blue state, but this race is a dead heat and the Repubs are sweating it. Winning this seat would help solidify New Jersey as a blue state.

Image of Jerry Cannon

Jerry Cannon


This is a red leaning district we have a shot to turn blue. It is also a district that could be important for winning the Senate and Governor races since a strong Dem showing here would help swing statewide races. If we want ANY chance of winning back the House, this is a must win district.

Image of Patrick Henry Hays

Patrick Henry Hays


Another red district we have a shot of winning...and another district where a strong Dem showing could help us in Senate and Governor races. Swinging both the House and holding the Senate depend a great deal on this one district.

Image of Nick Rahall

Nick Rahall


We have to defend this is also a district where high Dem turnout will help the statewide race for Senate, a race we strongly have to defend. This is another race targeted by a dirty tricks campaign by the Greedy Oil Party.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia


Another close Florida race, this time playing defense. Joe Garcia has a good shot at re-election, but the numbers are tight and the Republicans would LOVE to take this seat.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


NH-1 is one of our most important seats to defend. This is a pure tossup race in a seat that leans a tad red. Carol Shea-Porter won this seat despite that red tint, and the Greedy Oil Party is eager to take it back.

Image of Jennifer Garrison

Jennifer Garrison


Another long shot but one I think is worth fighting to flip. A strong wave of Dem sentiment, say thanks to Obamacare or anger at the Greedy Oil Party's anti-working class and middle class policies, could be enough for us to win this one.

Image of Ann Kirkpatrick

Ann Kirkpatrick


A seat we have to defend and one where a strong Dem showing could help win the Governor's seat in Arizona. This race is another target of Repub dirty tricks we have to fight against.

Image of Ron Barber

Ron Barber


A seat we have to defend and one where a strong Dem showing could help win the Governor's seat in Arizona. This race is another target of Repub dirty tricks we have to fight against.

Image of Scott Peters

Scott Peters


This is one we have to really defend. A dead heat which the Repubs want to flip to red. We have to hold the line here.

Image of Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor


Another key Senate seat we need to defend.

Image of Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn


Recent polls have this as a toss up. I think we will win it, but we can't take it for granted. This is a key seat to defend.

Image of Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer


Another key pick up opportunity, and a chance to defeat one of the most anti-union Repub Governors in the country. This is a toss up right now.

Image of Allyson Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz


This is a close race but we have a good shot at flipping this seat. This would be a key state to pick up.

Image of Mary Burke

Mary Burke


Wisconsin has been ground zero for the fight to preserve unions and help working class Americans. Leans red, but Wisconsin is a state we can win.

Image of Ed FitzGerald

Ed FitzGerald


Yet another key state where we can defeat an anti-union Repub. Leans red but we have a shot at flipping it.

Image of Mike Michaud

Mike Michaud


Recent polls show this as a tossup and would be a nice pick up for Dems.

Image of Mike Ross

Mike Ross


Key defense here. Another tossup and one Repubs are desperate to win.

Image of James Lee Witt for Congress

James Lee Witt for Congress


Another race in this year's most critical state. From James Lee's website:

James Lee served 10 years as County Judge until he was appointed Director of Arkansas Office of Emergency Services and managed the state’s response to disasters. Based on his performance, President Clinton nominated James Lee to be the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). His nomination won unanimous support in the United States Senate.

At FEMA, James Lee was the best kind of leader: a common sense guy who would listen to everyone. In just a short time, he transformed FEMA from a failing agency to what was widely recognized as the most successful agency in government. He accomplished this unprecedented turnaround by putting performance and people ahead of politics.

Time Magazine’s special segment on James Lee called him the “Master of Disaster.” Democrats and Republicans alike praised him for his leadership and FEMA’s performance, as did the state and local officials where FEMA worked. As Director, Witt oversaw 379 major disasters, including some of the most devastating disasters of all time. These included the Oklahoma City bombing, the Great Midwest Flood, horrendous tornadoes, numerous wildfires and hurricanes, and Northridge, the most destructive recent earthquake in the country. Witt managed a total of 710 disaster declarations, 65 emergency declarations and 266 fire suppression authorizations.

Chris Muns


Democracy for America endorsed candidate in an important swing state. Good voter turnout in this races helps us not just in the state senate, but also in a close House race and a Senate race.

Image of Elisabeth Jensen

Elisabeth Jensen


A long shot House race but bringing up Dem turnout in this district can be critical for the KY-Sen race.

“Kentucky has never had a Democratic woman in Congress. It is time we had strong advocate who will fight for women’s healthcare and economic fairness.” --Elisabeth Jensen

I would love to see a women's healthcare and economic fairness advocate representing KY-6!

Elisabeth Jensen has been endorsed by the Kentucky AFL-CIO, United Autoworkers, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 227 (UFCW 227), Teamsters Local 651 and the Kentucky Building and Trades Council

Image of Alex Sink

Alex Sink


We came close, but not close enough on this one.

A special, March 11 election to replace Republican Bill Young. This is a real toss up and a solid shot for us to flip a lean red seat blue even before election 2014 gets going. Alex Sink is the Dem candidate and she was quite good as Florida's elected CFO. Winning this is critical to an aggressive Democratic strategy. Remember, Repubs are so desperate to win this one that they created a fake campaign site to smear Alex Sink.

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