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by Colin Campbell

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Today’s the day.

Not election day. That’s the “other” day. But today – Friday - is the last day donations made to candidates through Act Blue will be able to be used BEFORE the election.

The Internet makes possible micro-donations to candidates and causes I believe deserve your support. Five dollars is all you have to give! To just ONE of them! (Not five dollars per!) Five lousy bucks!

Imagine your five dollars making one more run of key TV ad possible…
Imagine your five dollars making an extra get out the vote effort a reality…
Imagine your five dollars MAKING THE DIFFERENCE, in an election that’s sure to be close all over the country.

Now: Stop imagining you’ll be making a difference … and do it!

I’ve matched the donations we’ve received so far. And I’ll be happy to match the next 2 five-dollar donations we receive.

Campaign for Teen Safety/No on California Proposition 4. --The LA Times puts it best: “Proposition 4 isn't really about parental notification; it's an attack on the right to an abortion.”

Equality for All/No on Proposition 8
--The official “No on Prop 8” campaign. Because blatant, hate-fueled discrimination in California’s constitution can NEVER be permitted.

Elwyn Tinklenberg
--Running for a House seat in Minnesota. After incumbent Republican Michele Bachmann’s bizarre, McCarthyist rant on Hardball, Dem challenger El Tinklenberg has soared. Help him keep flying.

Jim Martin
--Running for Senate in Georgia. Saxby Chambliss stole this seat in 2002 with a fear-fueled post-9/11 smear of a genuine war hero (Max Cleland), who gave several limbs and nearly his life in service to his country in Vietnam. Time’s up, Saxby.

Mark Begich
--Running for Senate in Alaska. Should be able to beat 7-time convicted felon Ted Stevens. But you know Alaskans… Let’s say “thanks, but no thanks” to Stevens.

Kay Hagan
--Running in North Carolina’s increasingly contentious Senate race. What in God’s name – literally – is Libby Dole thinking? Dole went beyond the bottom of the barrel with an attack ad on Hagan, accusing her of taking “Godless money.” Whether you believe or not, Dole deserves voter early retirement.

Gary Trauner
--Running for Wyoming’s seat in the House. His words:
"I believe in the Constitution and rule of law, the two things that define our great American experiment. We must not gut our freedoms in order to save our freedoms. If we do that, those who use terror as a tactic will achieve their goal – after all, what would we be fighting to protect? We can protect our nation without sacrificing everything our founding fathers and millions of veterans fought for..."
I wish more Democrats felt this way.

Al Franken
--Senate race in Minnesota. Let’s get rid of the truly lousy Norm Coleman and his ridiculous teeth.

Scott Kleeb
--Senate race in Nebraska. Because, among other reasons, “he’s hot” said one of my dearest friends. I believe she was talking about his policies…

Darcy Burner
--A super-closer House race in Washington state. Netroots fave. Progressive, smart, and about a billion times more qualified for elected office than Sarah Palin.

Barack Obama
--He is, quite simply, the man.

Note - I know times are tough, but five bucks, I think we’re all still lucky enough to be able to handle. (And, if you’re making less than $250,000 a year, you’re likely going to save way more than that in taxes, should Obama prevail…So think of it as a sound investment in troubled times.)

I appreciate you taking the time to read all the way through this. Please contact me directly if you want to talk about anything you've read here!

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Barack Obama


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Equality for All

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Al Franken


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Gary Trauner


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Scott Kleeb


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Mark Begich


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Elwyn Tinklenberg


Campaign for Teen Safety

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Jim Martin


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Kay Hagan


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