Contribute Now to Help Send a Progressive to Washington Today

by Congressman John Conyers


Luckily, we have the chance to bring a progressive new voice to Washington right now. On March 11th there will be a special election to fill the Congressional seat in the 7th Congressional District of Indiana. If you and I act together now, we can help elect Indianapolis Councilman Andre Carson, a tireless leader for change.

Andre stands for putting an end to George Bush's endless war in Iraq, bringing fairness to our justice system, keeping our country safe, and providing our kids with the education they'll need to compete for the new jobs of tomorrow.

Andre Carson is also a committed advocate for protecting social security and Medicare. While his Republican opponent has announced his support for privatizing social security, Andre Carson has made a pledge to fight any attempts to privatize social security and instead work to strengthen and protect it for the long term.

With your help, we will get Andre Carson's powerful voice in Congress – and an effective leader for change not just in 2008 but for years to come.

Please contribute now to support Andre Carson.

Image of Andre Carson

Andre Carson