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by The ActBlue Team


On Monday, 41 GOP Senators voted to filibuster financial reform, standing up for their bosom buddies in the banking industry. The Republican Party has, in the most literal sense, sold out: in return for campaign contributions, they're bailing out the very people who created the financial crisis.

At ActBlue, we give you the tools to compete with the bankers. Democrats used ActBlue to send $129,000,000 to the candidates they support, and when candidates depend on your money, they listen to your voice. One donation at a time, we're helping you build a government that listens to the governed.

If you think that's a worthwhile project, make a $15 recurring donation to ActBlue.

We're working to democratize power, and we practice what we preach. Our operations are funded by your tips and donations. Your contributions keep the lights on and pay salaries. They help us innovate, and they're integral to building a better, bluer future for our country.

If you'd like to see a country where regular folks have the same voice as the financiers, then please:

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