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by Eden James


This is the first page that I've ever personally set up on ActBlue and there's a reason.

The Courage Campaign gets it.

Read the rest and, if you feel so inspired, throw down a Thomas Jefferson for the cause.

Then, take just a few more minutes to create your own ActBlue page for Courage -- or any candidate or cause you care about passionately -- just like I did:

Watch this YouTube video to hear Rick Jacobs, Chair of the Courage Campaign, talk about what the “Sons of Nixon” are doing and what you can do to stop it.

The "Presidential Election Reform Act" is a craven right-wing power grab by the Republicans to hijack the White House on June 3, 2008 — five months before the general election.

A scathing editorial by the New York Times called this ballot initiative an "elaborate dirty trick" designed by a "shadowy group" to "do serious damage to our democracy." This dangerous initiative dictates that California divide up its electoral college votes by congressional district, allowing Republicans to rob 20 electoral college votes — the equivalent of Ohio. If these dirty tricksters really want reform, they should propose national change — not cherry-pick California's electoral votes to, once again, steal the executive branch.

The Courage Campaign thinks enough is enough: No more dirty tricks. Not in California. Not in America.

We're taking action, not just talking about it. With your help, we are pressuring Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to kill this right-wing coup in its cradle. The Courage Campaign is also uniting with the netroots and the grassroots to build a people-powered online infrastructure in California that will defeat this dirty trick.

One way we're building netroots infrastructure is by using and supporting ActBlue, the online community tool that empowers anyone — individuals, local groups, and national organizations — to fundraise online for progressive candidates and causes.

By contributing to Courage, you can "raise the roots" by building netroots and grassroots infrastructure at Courage and by giving a 10% tip to ActBlue.

Join these bloggers in supporting the Courage Campaign's work to kill this dirty trick dead before it becomes law:

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Julia Rosen, Calitics
Cliff Schecter, BraveNewFilms blog
Matt Stoller, Open Left

Are you a blogger? Do you want your name on this list? If so, please email "edenjames AT" and we'll add it! Meanwhile, keep coming back to this page for list updates.

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