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Courage. It's what's missing from too many of our candidates. In recent discussions about the standards the Netroots should set before we endorse a candidate, it's risen to the top of the list of qualities that should exist in the candidates we devote our time and money to. It's intangible, but you know it when you see it. These are the Democrats that have exhibited tremendous amounts of courage in their lives and careers.

Image of Jim Neal - Debt Retirement Fund

Jim Neal - Debt Retirement Fund


In Jim's own words:

I’m a fighter. I am committed and will survive the mudslinging which comes in an election year when the GOP is vulnerable, scared, without substance and rudderless. I ain’t afraid of the briar patch, and I am running this race to win.

He's got the courage to take on Liddy Dole. That was enough for me, but every passing day shows that he's on the side of truth, justice, and our Constitution.

Image of Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor


Harry Taylor had the courage to stand up to President Bush:

"I have never felt more ashamed of, nor more frightened, by my leadership in Washington, including the presidency," Taylor told Bush. "And I would hope from time to time that you have the humility and the grace to be ashamed of yourself."
Now it's time for us to bring his courage to Congress.

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


He's not the fake mill worker or coal miner's daughter that some politicians claim to be - he's the hard workin' real deal. He's a man who hasn't been afraid to be progressive, even when he was running against a DCCC moderate in the primary. He made it to the general election on sheer grit and great campaign ideas, and he had the courage to put himself into debt to try to win his race. He had the courage to run a positive, uplifting campaign. His courage defied the doubters and brought him within 330 votes in 2006. And after fighting for the votes to be counted, he had the courage to get right back off the mat and keep fighting. What more can I say?

Image of Al Franken

Al Franken


Back in April, I was tremendously impressed by Al Franken's defense of liberal values on Larry King. He defended Keith Ellison, our first Muslim Congressman, from the callow attacks of Glenn Beck. He defended universal health care, and his own courageous record of speaking the truth. In American politics, speaking truth to power is hard, but speaking truth to the entire country is harder. Al has spoken the truth to the American people for years, and has never been afraid to voice his heartfelt opinion. I'm honored to have Al in our corner.

Image of Joe Biden

Joe Biden


I know he's out of the race, but I'll keep my first choice (and old boss) up here for a little while longer.

Joe Biden has been courageous since before he was a Senator. He marched in Wilmington with civil rights group, and he fought a tough, uphill, upset battle when he first ran for Senate as a 29-year-old. And then he had to face the death of his wife and his daughter in between winning his election and joining the Senate. He was sworn in at the hospital bedside of his two sons (who survived the accident) after an introspective search for meaning, during which he strongly considered giving up his seat. He then risked isolation from the good-ol'-boy politics of the Senate by commuting home almost every day to take care of his young children. For twenty years, he raised a family and rarely spent more than one night at a time in Washington. Many Senators do what is easy; Biden did what was right.

However, what's often forgotten is how Joe Biden stood up to Bush back in 2002. Back when everyone who disagreed with Bush was fair game, Joe objected to the Hastert Iraq War Resolution, did not vote for it in committee, and drafted the Biden-Lugar Resolution. Biden-Lugar would have forced diplomacy on the Bush administration. It could have prevented Bush's unlimited war in the Middle East. Biden had to face the fallout when the resolution was opposed by both Democrats and Republicans. Though all of our Presidential candidates who were in the Senate at the time ultimately made the wrong decision, Biden was the first candidate to stand up to Bush's Iraq plans in the Senate. That took courage.

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