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by Darcy Burner

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These are dangerous days.

We need people of courage.

And, in the wake of teabagger protests, racial slurs, bricks through windows, cut gas lines, and death threats, these folks have shown they have courage.

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


They were going to burn him in effigy last fall. And now they've cut a gas line at the house they thought was his.

Tom Perriello wasn't intimidated in Sierra Leone or Afghanistan. And he's not intimidated now.

Conviction politics at its finest.

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Betsy Markey was a critical vote for health care reform - and has had to step up police patrols around her home as a result.

Image of Craig Pridemore

Craig Pridemore


Craig Pridemore is running hard to fill a vacant seat in Washington State. A fearless progressive, he's not going to be pushed around by anyone.

Image of John Lewis

John Lewis


One of the most influential figures in the Civil Rights Movement, John Lewis is truly legendary.

I don't think that the teabaggers at the Capitol had any idea who they were calling a n**** - or how much it showed their true colors.

Image of Barney Frank

Barney Frank


The teabaggers also used a rather homophobic slur against Barney Frank. Not wise against a man who is not only quite powerful, but who happily verbally eviscerates them at town hall meetings. They're really not up to his caliber.

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