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by Courtney Morgan



I felt compelled to make a plea that you please vote NO on Prop 8 on November 4.

Our California Constitution provides the right to marry to any couple who chooses to do so.

Please know that if you vote yes, you will be taking away that civil right.

I do not want a constitutional amendment denying rights to be our legacy.

Our nation has a shameful history of denying rights to one group while giving the same rights to another group. This has never worked. We have always eventually landed on the side of equal rights. Be on that side now.

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, we should guarantee the same fundamental rights to every Californian.

If you believe that it is a religious law, something on which I strongly disagree, please remember that religious law and civil law are different. No one is in the streets fighting to make non-marital sex illegal. This is hate, pure and simple.

I have heard Christians rely on the bible for their support of Prop 8. I firmly believe that attributing disrimination, prejudice, and hatred to Jesus whether you believe him God or man is the true abomination.

Marriage/partnership/family promotes a stable society and should be encouraged.

Equality for All

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