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by Bobby Fishkin


Wussup yall, So I’ve been following politics a lot lately and I think that this midterm election is turning our way. That’s good, because congress has been a joke that’s lost all humor and I want to laugh again without having to avert my eyes from the political reality we live in. I think this election has come around our way enough that the national democratic leadership has been caught off guard- races that National Democratic Campaign Committee wasn’t involved in are now competitive and these candidates don’t really have the backing they deserve because resources are spread across more races than expected.

But there is still a month to go, so I figured I’d put together a list of a half a dozen candidates who are either exceptionally good candidates, or who are running against really awful ones. For example, Angie Paccione is running competitively against Marilyn Musgrave, a candidate who the KKK has endorsed and been campaigning for. Paul Hodes seems sincere, very capable and idealistic. There are three other candidates who are likewise in competitive races who would benefit at this stage in the election from small contributions passed their way.

ACTBLUE list lets you create a list of candidates and enable anyone who wants to to donate to everyone on the list at once. So if you want congress to change hands, and don’t live in the 5% of the country that is voting in a competitive house election, this is a way you can help. This election matters, because laws sometimes matter, and a lot more bad laws can be passed in two years with one party packed with nutters working night and day, using every branch of government to make them happen. All of these candidates are in the top 50 congress races according to independent analysts and seem either particularly good themselves or the people they are running against seem particularly bad. The only exception is Claire McCaskill who is running in probably the closest senate race in the country.

Image of Angie Paccione

Angie Paccione


She is running against someone for whom the KKK took out a full page newspaper advertisement because they loved Musgrave so much. Enough Said.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


Used to run an independent record company, which is a cool start. "Paul is the kind of idealistic, reform-minded, value-driven Democrat who will be a breath of fresh air after Bush’s legions of corrupt, rubber-stamp Republican congressmen horribly misrepresenting our great country.

Image of Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley


"More often than not, Democrats in “red areas” tend towards being—or at least acting—“Republican light.” Bruce Braley isn’t one of them. Bruce is a man with a clear and positive vision for an America he loves and trusts. “Republican light” doesn’t fit into that one bit. "

Image of John Cranley

John Cranley


Ohio in general is a great bet this election cycle because the state party is just in any abysmal state and Democrats could run up large gains here.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


She's in the closest Senate race in the country, and could use any extra push she could be given.

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