Contribute Now to Dale Henry for Railroad Commissioner - SAFETY - AFFORDABLE ENERGY - "for water and safety sake!!"

by Faith Chatham

I rarely send out appeals for campaign contributions. This year the Railroad Commissioner Race in Texas is crucial to the safety and economic welfare of this state. One candidate stands out as superior in expertise, experience above the other Democratic contenders and the Republican Incumbent. Dale Henry is an expert in oil field/gas production safety. He spent decades preventing accidents which contaiminate our water and endanger our homes, children and communities. He is a pioneer in renewable energy. Among his many research and development projects, Dale was instrumental in establishing the first windfarm in California and working to get legislation passed so that excess energy would be purchased by the electric companies. He knows what techniques and processes work in gas/oil production, what processes are dangerous, and how to prevent water contamination and production accidents. With escalation of gas production in densely populated urban centers, Dale Henry is the one candidate in the race this year who knows how to keep us safe, how to protect our water and how to develop energy which will not contaminate our environment. He is the one candidate who has pioneered renewable energy thorough years of research and development. He is the candidate who can help lead this state toward development of less expensive more affordable energy which will be safer for our environment. There is a distinct difference between the associations Dale Henry has and those of one of his Democratic opponents. Dale has consistently spoken out against the Trans Texas Corridor. He objects to running pipelines next to transportation corridors and to selling our state infrastructure to private toll companies. He objects to selling concessions along state highways which bypass local businesses. His opponent, Art Hall, consistently voted for Toll Roads while on the San Antonio City Council. One of Mr. Hall's first endorsements was from Gary Mauro, an active lobbyist who received $10,000.00 for lobbying county governments to support the I-69 Alliance (a pro Trans Texas Corridor toll group). Mr. Hall is Vice President of Banco Popular and his wife is attorney for Valero Energy. If the Trans Texas Corrdior is not stopped, the Railroad Commission may be active in decision making which helps determine where the pipelines go, who gets the energy concessions along the corridor, regulation of the energy sector of the corridor. I personally am alarmed that someone with the close connections to an international financial institution whose wife is attorney for Valero Energy might become one of the key decision makers for regulation of energy in Texas as Railroad Commissioner. Mr. Hall's education is in finance and law, not in petroleum engineering and energy safety. Please send a contribution to Dale Henry. Small contributions add up. Help get his message out. Please send this message to others on your e-mail list. Electing Dale Henry to the Railroad Commission can save lives. For Safety Sake, help spread the word that Dale Henry is the candidate who understands the industry, is independent of special interests, and fights to protect our land and water for future generations. He objects to exercise of eminent domain for private gain. There are distinct differences between candidates in this race. These differences are crucial to the safety of our community.

Image of Dale Henry

Dale Henry

TX-RR Comm