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It's time for a new direction in the 10th Congressional District and in the Congress.

  • Rather than supporting a war on a country whose threat to us was contained, Dan supports making our nation safer from terrorism;
  • instead of squandering our nation's assets, Dan would vote to invest in our people's future and in vital infrastructure;
  • instead of voting to make the rich richer, Dan would vote to make our country richer;
  • besides lower taxes, Dan favors fairer taxes.
  • Dan will consistently support bills that protect the environment and people's health, rather than vote against them after voting for them, as Mark Kirk has done.

With Dan representing the 10th District, America can be better than the sad vision of the Bush administration and those in Congress who support it.

If you share Dan's progressive vision and his dedication to honest government, please make a generous contribution to his campaign.

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Dan Seals


Dan Seals is prepared to lead Illinois' 10th Congressional District in a new direction of progressive, responsible government.