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by Darcy Scott Martin


I know lots of good Democrats are running around the country, but I want to focus on the ones I believe will be most effective in stopping the war, either because they have the military experience to speak to the reality of the Iraq war or because their election is a referendum on the war. Any dollar given to them will be a dollar spent to stop the war and change the policies that have us facing future wars (Iran, North Korea, you pick).

Image of Joseph Sestak Jr

Joseph Sestak Jr


Joe Sestak, recently retired from a 31 year career in the Navy, is taking on Curt Weldon, a strong supporter of the war and an advocate of ballistic missile defense, an untested, ineffective weapon system that costs us $10 billion a year! Vice Admiral Sestak, a Harvard PhD, will bring a breadth of leadership and educational experience to Congress that will help us take our foreign policy in a new direction.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Patrick Murphy's knowledge of the situation in Iraq comes from his own tour of duty there. As a JAG officer, he was able to experience both the reactions of Iraqis to our occupation there and the demands being put on our soldiers. A dollar for Murphy is a dollar for bringing home the National Guard ASAP and a new plan for Iraq. His opponent, freshman member Mike Fitzpatrick, has been receiving funds hand over fist from Republican leadership PACs and will be flooding the airwaves with the administration's messages. Murphy needs money to counteract those lies with the voice of someone with a true understanding of the quagmire in Iraq and wants to do something about it.

Image of Ned Lamont

Ned Lamont


Here is the race that has brought the war into the 2006 election. When a progressive candidate, Ned Lamont, decided to take on the pro-war Democrat, Joe Leiberman, anti-war activists around the country finally felt like they had a voice. So did the primary voters in Connecticut, who voted out Joe Leiberman. However, now with support from Republicans and the White House, Leiberman is staying in the race to run as an independent. This makes Lamont's campaign even more important. The war is unpopular in many segments of the population and we need to help Mr. Lamont prove that in Connecticut. His will be the new voice in the Senate who arrived on a wave of disgust in the war and he needs our help.

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