Contribute Now to Equality for All means EQUALITY for Everyone

by David & Simao


This race is tight. We only have today to raise money to fight this discrimation. Please consider how you would feel if someone tired to take away your right to be with your spouse, and contribute accordingly.

Don't believe the lies, do what is right.


Many of you know that Simao and I were married (again) on July 21st 2008.

We have made a commitment to each other to be lifelong partners and this is not a commitment that we take lightly. Everyone who gets married surrounds themselves with family and friends whose job it is to support the couple's marriage in good times and in bad. I have to admit that this is one of the bad times.

While there are good people out there that are doing good to end bigotry, hate, and inequality, there are still others out there who are trying to promote these atrocities, and they are doing so with lies and deceptions.

I initially sent an e-mail out to residents of the state of California to encourage them to Vote NO on Prop 8. I don't normally push my political views on my friends and family, we know how heated discussions can become. But this time I want everyone to know that the supporters of Prop 8 are personally attacking Simao and me and our rights to be able to make a commitment to each other and to be able to freely make our own life for ourselves.

The people against us are pulling out all the stops. They are raising money from your communities, churches, cities and states no matter where you live and they are backing this bigoted proposition.

We are in desperate need of money to fight this Proposition with educational advertising to counter our opponents’ deceptive advertising. Please consider how you would feel if your personal situation was put to a vote of the public. This is what we face. Catholics have not always been free to worship as they like, mixed race marriages were illegal until 1964, discrimination against women's voting rights is within recent history, and let's not forget the fight agains racism that continues to today.

No matter where you live, please make a MONITARY contribution to this critical cause. This fight will come to your state I assure you. Please stop it before it does. Please support Simao and I, and our right to be a committed loving couple.

Thank you David Holy 510.879.3300

Equality for All