Contribute Now to 2010 Elections

by David desJardins

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This page will rank and organize the races and candidates and committees that I think deserve the most support this fall. Under construction.

Image of Scott McAdams

Scott McAdams


Scott needs money now to start defining himself in this unexpectedly competitive race. We need to seize opportunities where they exist.

Image of Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak


I have been supporting Joe since he ran for the House. I strongly believe that the Democratic party needs more military leaders, and I also believe that Joe is an independent thinker who will bring a unique contribution to the Senate.

Ohio Democratic Party - Federal Account

The Ohio Democratic Party has been revolutionized by its fabulous executive director, Doug Kelly. It is coordinating ground campaigns for all state races. It can also accept unlimited non-Federal contributions (not through ActBlue). This is a great investment for both 2010 and 2012.

Boxer Victory Fund

Like most engineers in Silicon Valley, I despise Carly Fiorina. Can you imagine her in the Senate? Enough said. The Boxer Victory Fund can accept contributions both to the candidate and the state party, so the limits are higher.

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


We need more scientists and engineers in the Congress! Bill has a logical and analytical way of thinking that is always welcome. And he has a tough race---like many new House Democrats, if he can get through 2010 there are good hopes for improving his position in the future, with a better economic climate and with redistricting on the horizon.

Image of Manan Trivedi

Manan Trivedi


I supported Trivedi in a tough primary against a self-funded opponent with very questionable values, where he ran an excellent grassroots campaign. He is a physician and veteran who served in Iraq and would be a great addition to the Congress. Obama carried this district, which has a Democratic registration edge.

Image of Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy


Patrick is another Iraq veteran, who won election 4 years ago and is facing a stiff challenge from the former incumbent. He has been great on security issues, and a leader in Congress on repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Image of Raj Goyle

Raj Goyle


Great young candidate who is running for an open seat (Republican incumbent is running for Senate). Tough district in a tough year, but he's been working hard and deserves support, and we can't abandon states like Kansas just because it's a tough year.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia


I have supported Garcia in his race for this district before, and now he has the chance to run for an open seat. A great guy who represents the future of the Democratic party among Hispanics.

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


A long-time progressive activist who still has to get through a primary against a corporate shill and neoconservative hawk before she can advance to the general election for Paul Hodes's open seat.

Image of Ami Bera

Ami Bera


The next 3 House candidates, all from California, are listed in alphabetical order. Bera is a thoughtful and progressive physician who has raised a great amount of money to take on the unpopular Dan Lungren, one of whose "greatest accomplishments" is the terribly flawed 3 Strikes law.

Image of Steve Pougnet

Steve Pougnet


Pougnet is the married gay mayor of Palm Springs. Aside from the value of bringing that kind of diversity to Congress, he has been patiently laying the groundwork for the first serious challenge to Mary Bono Mack in years. This is a difficult year but a race worth investing in.

Image of Bill Hedrick

Bill Hedrick


Hedrick, an educator and strong progressive, nearly beat corrupt incumbent Ken Calvert in 2008, with a shoestring grassroots campaign. He will be massively outspent again this year, but we have to keep trying and supporting good candidates, especially in my state.

Image of Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan


The next 5 Senate candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Carnahan is the current Missouri Secretary of State and especially concerned with our broken campaign finance and electoral system.

Image of Jack Conway Debt Retirement

Jack Conway Debt Retirement


The ludicrous Rand Paul would be enough of a reason to contribute here. And Conway is generally worth supporting. Unfortunately, he's not good on coal and energy issues, but there is only so much you can expect of a candidate from Kentucky.

Image of Lee Fisher

Lee Fisher


Fisher is a sound, sensible candidate, running against George W Bush's former budget director and trade representative (talk about misguided policies!). He will benefit from the overall Democratic organization in Ohio, if his race is adequately funded.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


I supported Hodes when he ran for Congress, and he has been excellent in the House. He is behind in the polls but could benefit from infighting in the Republican primary. He needs to be well-funded to define his opponent when the primary is over.

Image of Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall


NC is going to be a tough state this year, but Marshall is good on the issues, and Burr is not very popular, so this is a good place to invest.

Image of America Votes

America Votes

America Votes is a well-run umbrella organization that works with hundreds of progressive groups around the country to advocate for progressive issues, expand ballot access, and turn out voters. This is the best place to contribute if you want to support the work of all those progressive groups, like the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, USAction, League of Conservation Voters, and many others, without drilling down to the level of individual groups. America Votes can accept unlimited contributions. Because the core infrastructure budget of AV is already funded (by me among others), your contributions will go directly to their field work.

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