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by David Rein


When I last sent out a fund raising appeal the Republican Convention had just ended and Sarah Palin and John McCain were ascendant. Just the day before I had heard Tony Blankly of the Washington Times contemptuously say the Obama campaign was like "a dead frog hooked up to a battery. The legs keep kicking but it's obviously dead."

What a difference 6 weeks makes! With your help, our Obama fundraising site raised $4,210. Over those same weeks Obama went from 5 points back in the polls to 10 points up in the polls. Just today I read that Obama is going to start in vesting resources in Kentucky, West Virgina, and he will reenter Georgia.

Officially and for the record. I am closing my Obama fundraising site down. Its done its job and its time to foucs on other things. Which reminds me, have you heard about the race for Georgia Senate?

Six years ago, the odious Saxby Chambliss who received four deferrments from servrice in Viet Nam attacked the war hero, and triple amputee Max Cleland, calling him a coward, a defeatist, and a friend of the terrorists. He even electronically morphed Max Cleland's face into Osama Bin Laden's in what has gone down as one of the most famous examples of Rovian dispicability ever seen (no small feat).

I'll be honest. I detest Saxby chambliss, but when the race for Senate started I didn't think Jim Martin (an experienced, honorable, and plain spoken Southern Democrat) had a chance in hell of beating him. In August he was down 30 percentage points and behind $4 million in finances. I was invited to a fundraiser for him by my neighbor but declined. Why throw good money after bad I thought.

Well things have changed. The latest polls have Jim running neck and neck with Chambliss and the Democratic Senatorial Committee has invested over $500,000 into the race. Don't believe me that we could really win this race? Here are the words of influential election prognosticator Larry Sabato:

"Here is a potential shocker, if the upset actually happens. One-term GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss, who was expected to win reelection handily in deeply Red Georgia, instead finds himself in a close race with an underfunded Democrat, former State Representative Jim Martin. Our Georgia sources suggest tentatively that Chambliss will pull out a narrow victory, but they are not confident in this prediction. They tell us that Chambliss' television advertising is bland and does not address the key issues on the minds of voters.It would be phenomenal were this upset to occur, and it might be the 59th or 60th seat for Democrats, should it happen. We are watching on a daily basis. For now, SLIGHTLY LEANS REPUBLICAN."

I'm not going to waste any more of your time. You obviously know what I'm asking for. if you have money to spare (and I fully understand that many of us are simply tapped out right now), and you are thinking of donating more to help the Democrats this year, can you help us win this crucial and symbolic seat? Literally, any amount you can give $23 to $2,300 makes a difference.

If you are able to help, please support Jim Martin and help the Democrats acheive a fillibuster-proof majority in the US Senate.

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