Contribute Now to Build our movement by pushing Daniel Biss to #1 at Yearly Kos!

by Daniel Biss

The netroots are a significant part of a new progressive movement that will change the face of American politics. Our movement has begun to flex its muscle, but we are still too often dismissed, particularly on the local level. I'm asking you to support my campaign today so that we can strengthen the movement locally in Illinois.

We are very close to having received more donations via ActBlue than any other state-level candidate in the whole country! Your contribution will help push us to the top spot. This will create more excitement around the campaign, which will, in turn, shine a spotlight on the power of the netroots to catapult a campaign into a winning position. The local political power structure will no longer be able to dismiss us. Our whole movement will come out ahead.

I'm proud to say that I'm a product of this movement. I got my start in politics doing grassroots organizing for the Kerry/Edwards campaign, creating opportunities for over a thousand people to get involved in the democratic process and fight for change.

My greatest passion is in getting people involved and opening up our system. That's what drives me as an organizer, and it's what drives me as a candidate. I know first-hand that the internet is the most effective and democratic tool we've ever had for opening up the system.

I understand how critical the netroots are for our future, and I'm excited about what that future will hold.

I'm asking you to support my campaign now so that together we can continue to strengthen the new progressive movement.

Thank you so much for your support!

(To learn more about my candidacy, click here to go to my website.)

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Daniel Biss