Contribute Now to A cordial request of Speaker Pelosi

by Zach

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Speaker Pelosi,
We understand that you are under some pressure of late to keep quiet about what you think about the current fight for the party's nomination. Not that we'd expect you to be even tempted to bend to the pressure of a few deep-pocketed bullies, but perhaps we can show that we'll do them one better and ask nothing in return.
Everyone who signed that letter to you threatening to take their balls and go go home... well, here's a pledge to match what the lot of them raised in 2007 for all Democratic candidates:
Aronchick: $17900 Avant: $30300 Buell: $73500 de Rothschild: $7000 Farar: $4200 Johnson: $55600 Korge: $10700 Lasly, C: $46000 Lasry, M: $61200 Nemazee: $86700 Patricof: $75350 Pritzker: $10100 Rao: $39500 Rattner: $51800 Saban: $93700 Schwartz: $48300 Shuman: $34000 Snyder:$ 26500 Total: $772,350
Regards, The undersigned

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Tired of a House that has to compromise on every position to turn good bills into good, progressive law? Giving mainline support to the DCCC is the best way to make sure we work towards a veto-proof majority in the House.

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Don't forget the Senate! How about we let the next Democratic President of the United States avoid making us sit through arguments about the "nuclear option" again by working for a filibuster-proof Senate.

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