Contribute Now to Defeat Bachmann!

by Snarlin Arlen fan


Help us defeat right winger Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota by donating to their Democratic challengers general fund today. Bachmann recently attacked Sen. Arlen Specter as "sexist" for telling Bachmann to stop interrupting him.

By donating to defeat Bachmann... we're now interrupting Michelle Bachmann to remind her that Arlen Specter and Democrats have stood up for the dignity of women such as Lilly Leadbetter by voting for the Lilly Leadbetter Act of 2009. When Bachmann makes further contentions about someone being sexist, perhaps she should look in the rearview mirror to review her own vote AGAINST equal pay and dignity for hardworking women!

Please click here today to help defeat Michelle Bachmann and help MN-6 get a representative that actually joins Arlen Specter in standing up for the dignity of women in Congress.

MN-06 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by Michele Bachmann (R). Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

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Arlen Specter


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