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by Blue America

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Each of the progressive Democratic House candidates on this page has vowed to make the Affordable Care Act BETTER and more vibrant. And each is running against a Republican who voted several times to kick 18-26 year olds off their parents' health insurance policies. Each of their opponents was also eager to see college loan rates double-- and none of them have been what you would call "supportive" or public education. They have one more thing in common... each of these reactionaries can be defeated in November if enough 18-26 year olds register to vote. Have you? You can read more about this ad campaign here. And one more thing, Blue America will run these ads for a week or so in each district-- except one. In the district that gets the most donors on this page, we'll run the ads for a month. Have any faves?

Image of Blue America PAC

Blue America PAC

Image of Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever


Patsy is running for the western North Carolina seat currently held by anti-healthcare extremist Patrick McHenry. If sheer nastiness was a disqualifier, the Republicans would have to pick a different candidate to run against her. McHenry is North Carolina's Koch brothers BBF-- and no friend of students

Image of Ann McLane Kuster

Ann McLane Kuster


Ann is in a tough battle against Charlie Bass, a corporate shill who has consistently voted against sensible health care coverage for New Hampshire working families and particularly against 18-26 year old students on their parents' insurance plans. Charlie shares a new Facebook page with teabagger Frank Guinta-- same way they shared another vote against healthy students

Image of Lee Rogers

Lee Rogers


Dr. Lee Rogers is running against one of the most corrupt men in Congress, Buck McKeon, a rote reactionary who has never missed an opportunity to make sure working families have no opportunities. He would far prefer to see more tax breaks for his wealthy financiers than give 18-26 year old students a chance to stay on their parents' insurance plans. Check this out.

Image of Nicholas Ruiz III

Nicholas Ruiz III


Nick Ruiz is a progressive candidate AND a university professor. He's well aware how crucial it is for 18-26 year olds to be able to stay on their parents' health insurance plans. What he isn't aware of yet is which reactionary anti-healthcare kook, Sandy Adams or John Mica, will be his opponent in November. Right now they're fighting it out-- but, of course, both voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And both are the sibjects of this Facebook page.

Image of Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter


Carol is running for the New Hampshire seat which was captured by freshman teabagger Frank Guinta in 2010. Polls show her winning back the seat, in no small part because she has championed both healthcare reform and the strong public education policies Guinta has tried to wreck. Guinta shares a new Facebook page with corporate shill Charlie Bass, just the way they shared a couple of votes against healthy students.

Image of Nate Shinagawa

Nate Shinagawa


Nate is running for the Southern Tier seat currently occupied by Tom Reed an adamant for of public education and an acolyte of selfishness and greed. When it comes to building America by investing in the health and well-being of students, Nate and Reed are polar opposites. Here's a pretty wild Facebook page.

Image of Rob Zerban

Rob Zerban


Rob Zerban is running against one of the serpent's heads, Paul Ryan. The DCCC is afraid of taking on GOP committee chairmen like Ryan, Mica and McKeon, even though they do the most damage to the country. If we're going to end Ryan's miserable career as a servant to Wall Street and the Insurance conglomerates, we'll all have to pitch in what we can. Meanwhile, though, check him out on his very own new Facebook page.

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