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by Wendell Green

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With the rise of Barack Obama, the plummeting standing of President Bush and the Republicans in Congress, and the economic and social mess that they have left us to clean up, we now have an opportunity that has not been seen in more than 30 years to begin to see profound and necessary change in all branches of government. Americans, in short, are fed up and are ready for change. To realize this potential, however, we must act now. . By focusing on a few close races in the House and Senate where there are major ideological differences, this page is dedicated not only to taking back Congress, supposedly done in 2006, but to getting the Senate and House into the hands of individuals who believe in completing that Democratic Party "Bridge to the 21st Century" and are willing to move those institutions forward to secure them. . Yes. We need more Democrats to do this. But what's more important, we need real democrats, individuals not afraid to act with the courage of these convictions: . * HELPING WORKING FAMILIES - through fairness in taxation, through advocacy of universal health care, through adequate funding and encouragement of decent educational opportunities for our children, and through support for the full range of family planning options.

* FOSTERING PEACE AND PROSPERITY IN THE WORLD - By realizing the grave mistake made by invading a foreign country (Iraq) unprovoked, thereby decimating, not only the country we were supposedly helping, but the lives of thousands of our citizen soldiers, our own security position, and our very standing in the world; and beginning the long hard work to end this involvement to begin to restore the damage done over the last 7 years.

* DEVELOPING RENEWABLE ENERGY - Acknowledging the severity of our current energy needs and of climate change, realizing the necessity of ending our dependence on traditional sources of fossil fuel, and working to retool our economy towards energy conservation and advancement of a full range of renewable energy options to make these technologies cheap and viable. .

Please join me and let's work together to try to help America live up to its promise.

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