Democracy Dive 2014 Wisconsin

by Wisconsin Teachers

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Time to look toward 2014 -- the "off-year" elections that are so critical to the health of our state! Yes, our districts have been gerrymandered... but if we can put in our $$ and our hours, and get out to VOTE on the historically low-turnout election days, we CAN make a difference.

The field can be overwhelming... we will try to educate ourselves on the key races in the state senate and assembly to help you prioritize as best we can... You can donate directly to any candidate, to the Democratic Party state fund, or to The Assembly Democrats.

Join us! Donate! We donate all of our time and materials so that YOU can donate directly to the cause and candidates of your choice. We do not get any reimbursement.

Donate what you can, then SHARE our link. Then stay tuned and donate again!

Image of Kathleen Vinehout

Kathleen Vinehout


Whether she throws her hat in for the governor's race, or sticks with state senate, Kathleen Vinehout is an incredibly smart policy maker with a broad background in agriculture, health care, and education. She has been fighting for progressive causes, and has written full budgets to counter our current governor's fascist approach. She can think on her feet, and speak in-depth and intelligently about any issue in Wisconsin government, and she has the substance behind the words. She deserves your support!

Image of Mary Burke

Mary Burke


Mary Burke is currently the leading candidate in the race for governor against SKW. She is intelligent and moderate. She would be an unfathomably huge improvement over the fascist dictator in power at the moment.

Image of Amar Kaleka

Amar Kaleka


Going after Paul Ryan's seat in congress!

Image of Rob Zerban

Rob Zerban


Going after Paul Ryan's seat in congress!

Image of Dave Heaster

Dave Heaster


Going after Sensenbrenner's seat in congress!

Image of Kelly Westlund

Kelly Westlund


Going after Sean Duffy's seat in congress!

Image of Jon Richards

Jon Richards

WI-Atty Gen

WI Attorney General

Martha Laning


State Senate

Janis Ringhand


State Senate

Image of Ernie Wittwer

Ernie Wittwer


State Senate

Image of Penny Bernard-Schaber

Penny Bernard-Schaber


State Senate

Image of Janet Bewley

Janet Bewley


State Senate

Image of John Lehman

John Lehman


State Senate incumbent

Image of Tim Carpenter

Tim Carpenter


State Senate incumbent

Image of Chris Larson

Chris Larson


State Senate incumbent

Image of Jon Erpenbach

Jon Erpenbach


State Senate incumbent

Image of Mark Pocan

Mark Pocan


Mark Pocan is a true progressive who will continue to fight for us in congress!

Image of Gwen Moore

Gwen Moore


Gwen Moore will continue to serve us in congress has she has so capably for many years. Thank you, Gwen!

Image of Ron Kind

Ron Kind


Ron Kind will defend his seat in congress and continue his good work.

Image of Democratic Party of Wisconsin - State Account

Democratic Party of Wisconsin - State Account

Yes, THIS is the place to donate to nominees for statewide races. Your $$$ will go for Democratic candidates in the November election.

Image of We Are Wisconsin Political Fund

We Are Wisconsin Political Fund

We Are Wisconsin is working to reclaim Wisconsin with get out the vote efforts such as phone banking and canvassing, and community outreach.

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