Contribute Now to Push the Democratic wave over the top!

by Wesley Clark


It’s hard to believe, but this mid-term election season is finally heading down the homestretch towards the finish line. With just over a week to go until November 7th, this is the last chance to contribute to the Democratic challengers who I believe will sweep a new era of change into our nation’s capital.

Image of Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver


Unfortunately, Mike has been the target of the latest Republican swift-boating smear. His opponent has made up accusations of serious misconduct, but the nonpartisan noted that “evidence of misconduct by Weaver in this matter isn't thin, it's nonexistent. The only 'disgraceful conduct' we see here is the ad itself.”

Image of Diane Farrell

Diane Farrell


Diane Farrell is running in one of the most liberal Congressional districts currently represented by a Republican, and her opponent has let his true conservative nature show in recent weeks. From downplaying the Mark Foley page scandal to claiming that the torture exposed at Abu Ghraib was “something less than torture,” incumbent Chris Shays’ carefully crafted moderate façade is crumbling.

Image of Paul Hodes

Paul Hodes


In New Hampshire, Paul Hodes has defied the pundits and pulled into a tight race against Republican incumbent Charlie Bass. Bass was one of the most vocal opponents of the successful NATO mission in Kosovo that I commanded, so it seems that party comes before country for Charlie since he was so critical of a successfully executed mission under President Clinton, but is marching in lockstep behind President Bush’s failed war in Iraq.

Image of Tessa Hafen

Tessa Hafen


Tessa Hafen is a third-generation Nevadan who was born and raised in Henderson. For the past eight years, she has served Nevadans in Washington, DC -- working for Senator Harry Reid. As one of his senior aides, Hafen developed and guided legislation on issues such as education, health care, and homeland security.

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