Contribute Now to My fight for Civil Rights

by Dennis


Recently, one of my next door neighbors posted two large signs in their front yard to display their support of Proposition 8, which will appear on the November ballot here in California. Those of you who know me will understand that I tend to be a socially extroverted, friendly person. Since I have known these neighbors for some time, and I live my life casually, openly, and respectful of others, I am shocked by their display of hatred, especially since they pointed one sign not at the street, but directly towards my home. For my friends outside of California, I will tell you that Prop 8, if it passes, will change the state constitution making discrimination against same sex couples LEGAL. This proposition will deny my right to get married, a right which I currently have, just like the rest of you. While I do believe it is incorrect for the government to start defining religious sacraments, I understand that in our society, the right to be married and have property rights, medical proxy rights, fully dependent upon the term "marriage". Hopefully none of you see me as a needy person, but I need your help now. Please help me by making any donation you can to support Vote NO on Proposition 8. Every amount helps, as little as five dollars. We are fighting a well funded campaign of hatred, your support will enable us to purchase additional television time to spread the truth regarding this hateful proposition. Please rally to my side and spread this message to as many people as possible.

Equality for All